Varahi Temple, Chaurashi




About 14 km from Kakatapur, on the way to Konarak is a place called Chaurasi where tourists can visit the temples of Amareswara Temple, Laximinarayana Temple (Lakshmi Narayan) and Barahi Temple (Varahi Temple). Barahi Devi is regarded as the Mother of Goddess and is said to have worshipped according to tantric practices. Chaurasi village is around 35 km from Konark.

The temple is located in the village Chaurashi and on the right bank of the river Prachi. It is about 2 Km from Amaresvara temple on the Nimapada-Kakatpur road in Puri district, 10th century A.D, built upon the work of the Somavamsi rule. It is a living temple and enshrines an image of goddess Varahi.

The temple consists of a Khakhara vimana and a rectangular jagamohana having a roof of two terraces with clere-stories.The temple is dedicated to goddess Varahi; she has two arms and holds a fish in her right hand and a kapala in her left.She is seated in Lalitasana on a cushion placed on a plain seat with her right foot resting on her buffalo mount carved on the pedestal.A third eye is tightly etched into her forehead and her rises in spiral coils.A plain hallow is behind her head and vidyadharas are on the upper corner the back slab.

The festival like Raja, Dashara festivals are observed.

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