Lord Jagannath and His Vakta ( Devotees )

[ Naaham teesthaami vaikunthe, yoginaam hridaye na cha Madbhaktaa yatra dhyaayanti tatra teesthaami naarada. ] Meaning: – Neither have I stayed in the heaven nor even in the heart of saints. I reside in that place where my devotees pray / worship. This is very true in case of Lord Jagannatha. Whenever his devotees have […]

RT : 👆Konark Ganesh, at Siddha Mahavir Temple, Puri. Present at the side of the front door. Ganapati cult… 👆Konark Ganesh, at Siddha Mahavir Temple, Puri. Present at the side of the front door. Gana…
Rapid progres of Jagannath Ballav Piligrim Center construction work ... Thank You @odisha_tourism…

Makar Chaurashi – Costume Of Lord Jagannath


On the Makara Sankranti day, Jagannath Mahaprabhu wears Makara-chula (a sort of head-gear). The previous day, the rice is consecrated (adhibasa) and on the festive day, coconut, clarified butter and different spices are mixed with the said rice to prepare a dish known as Makara chaula. This food is offered to the deities as bhoga. […]

Jagannath Temple & Makar Sakranti #Ritulas Makar Bedha


Makar Sankranti, the date always remain same ( January 14th ) because like other Hindu festival it is not based on lunar calendar, it is based on solar calendar. Makar Sankrati festival celebrated around the country, depends on various climate, agricultural environment, cultural backgrounds and location. From this festival day,  the days becoming longer and […]

Nabanka Bedha Parikrama Story & Rituals


The beginning of Pausha Masa ( Dec – Jan ), Goddess Mahalaxmi is supposed to leave her consort Lord Jagannath on pleasant annual visit to ratnakar ( sea ) and the expensive  blue residence of father Varuna Dev . She is expectant of a cordial reception from the numerous foam – white apsrass (nymphs), the […]

Talk of Vaikuntha Ekadashi


The significance of Vaikuntha Ekadashi is mentioned in the Padma Purana. The legend says that the Devas, unable to bear the tyranny of ‘Muran’ – a demon, approached Shiva, who directed them to Vishnu. A battle ensued between Vishnu and the demon and Vishnu realized that a new weapon was needed to slay Muran. In […]

Bakula Lagi Amabashya


Bakula Amavasya, or Bakula Amabasya, is observed during the period of Decembaer – January ( Pousha Odiya Month )  in Odisha. Bakula Lagi means offering mango flower to lord of temples in Odisha. One special puja is offered to Lord Jagannath on this day of Bakula Amabashya. The festival is basically a farming based festival. […]

Tulsi Pujan Dibasa


Tulasi Pujan Dibasa has started from 2014 December 25th in many different country of the World. Who worship and care Tulasi Plant alwys get good health, will power, intelligence and strong good characteristic behavior. Everything of the Tulasi plant, leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, twigs, skin and even the soil around her is holy. The soul […]

Quotes Of Spiritual Life

Raman Maharshi I am not the perishable body, but the eternal Self.

— Raman Maharshi

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