Gopalla Ballav – Mahaprasad (Bhoga ) Of Lord Jagannath




Gopalla Ballav, is the first Bhoga offered to Lord Jagannath In the morning. The Platters that offered are sugar coated coconuts, khudi coconut, coconuts chip, curd, milk cream, rabidi, khuamanda, curd bananna. The bhoga ritual being done in pancha upachara.

The offering is the first one of the daily Prasad to Lord Jagannath. The Bhogs are offered at the Anabsar Pindi. Breakfast is a seven item treat – Khua, Lahuni, sweetened coconut grating, coconut water, and popcorn sweetened with sugar known as khai and curd and ripe bananas.

  • 卐 Vallabh Khai – 44 Oli
  • 卐 Ripe Banana – 7 Nos
  • 卐 Nadia Khudi – 3 Sara
  • 卐 Big Kora – 29 Nos
  • 卐 Small Kora – 220 Nos

Members of Sevayats conduct this Puja in 5 Upchars. The sevayats who conduct this ritual are Puja Panda, Sudha Suar, Ballav Jogania, Suar Badu, Gara Badu, Palia Maha Suar. In the month of Dhanu Sankranti, Ballav Bhog is offered along with Pahali Bhog. Similarly on the DolaPurnima and Snana Purnima days, the Ballav Bhog and Sakal Dhup are taken up at one time. During Anabasar the Bhogs are offered near Jay-Vijay door as Sarpamanohi, but not on ballav pindi.

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