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Srikhetra Santha Jagarana Mahayagnya event has scheduled

March 10th, 2013

Kalyan Mandap Mochi Sahi Srikhetra Santha Jagarana Mahayagnya Sri Sri Achutananda

Nabakalebara Remain 74 Days

Unique Travel House, Puri Orissa
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A oblation namely “ Srikhetra Santha Jagarana Mahayagnya “ is going to organized at Saradhabali with effect from 8-5-2013 to 12-5-2013. This oblation is going to observe in accordance with the Malika composed by Sri Sri Acyutananda.

For smooth management of Yangya, first coordination committee meeting has held o 9-3-2-13 at Kalyan Mandap Mochi Sahi , Puri, under the chairmanship of Sri Maheswar Mohanty, Honorable minister, Culture, Tourism & Planning & Coordination Dept Odisha.

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