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Rathyatra 2010

Rathyatra 2010

Lord Shree Jagannath is the lord of universe, his festival Rathyatra draws the attention of the world. Rathyatra is the festival which consists many rituals and customs, person of every society feels Lord Jagannath is associate with them.

The whole cycle of the Car Festival consists of the following : (i) The Bathing Festival or Snana Yatra, (ii) Anasara, (iii) Netra Utsab, (iv) Naba Jaubana Darsana, (v) The ceremonial procession of images which is otherwise known as Pahandi, (vi) Sweeping of the floor of the chariots by golden broom by Gajapati maharaja of Puri. It is also known as Chherapanhara, (vii) Stay of the Deities in Gundicha Ghar for 7 days, (viii) The return journey of Gods which is known as Bahuda Yatra and (ix) The final return of lord Jagannath to the temple.

The festival will continue so long as the Sanatana Dharma exists on the earth.

Jay Jagannath

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