Achyutananda Das With our knowledge if we show our pure love(bhakti),we can definitely get the sunyatma GOD).

Achyutananda Das Two eyes Nirguna [god perceived as formless] and Saguna [god perceived with form] are chained together to get God

Achyutananda Das God created the universe as sound, and that all things have sound vibration as their essence.

Achyutananda Das Shunya itself is the form, Ground of all discriminating knowledge.

Achyutananda Das One needs a combination of love (bhakti) and knowledge (jnana) to reach God

Achyutananda DasEverything arises out of shunya and Everything flourishes in the Shunya Brahman

Achyutananda Das The concept of the Piṇḍa-Brahmāṇḍa is that the body (piṇḍa) is a replica of the Universe (Brahmāṇḍa), or microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm

Achyutananda Das It has no shape, no colour, It is invisible and without a name This Brahman is called Shunya Brahman .

Achyutananda Das Look at the whole world from the pedestal of shunya; You will find everything manifested in the shunya