Atibadi Jagannath Das He is blessed who loves to hear the name of Krushna in his ears. By uttering Lord Krishna’s holy name, the tongue becomes sacred. He is the best man on earth who worships Krishna’s feet always

Atibadi Jagannath Das If you make the name of Govinda (Krishna) as a fleet you can cross the world of ocean.

Atibadi Jagannath Das Even gods (Devata) born on earth in human bodies cannot escape death.

Atibadi Jagannath Das ‘ Uttama Sange Sanga Jara Se Kare Uttama Bevara ‘ . The person who has good companion behaves in polished fashion and manner.

Atibadi Jagannath Das Jagannath Das has held Lord Jagannath to be the creator of the ten incarnations (Avatara) of the Vishnu. In his words. ‘ Hoilu Dasa Avatara Nasilu Abaniru Bhara.’

Atibadi Jagannath Das Any auspicious or inauspicious message of the Prani can be known at the time of his death.