Digambar Paramhansha QuotesOnly those who consider this Universe as drama, and themselves as spectators, can be happy.

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesLet one who wishes to get bliss and happiness, follow the path indicated by Vedanta Sastra; and take shelter under one’s own true-self.

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesThe conscious Atman is the true nature of your self. This conscious Atman it self is Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesMeditation is the way to arise spiritual knowledge within your-self.

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesThe truth is self-revealing. No other light is required to know the truth .

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesVedanta is a wonderful bridge; even an ant can cross the river of bondage over it.

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesThe perishable worldly matters can never give permanent happiness.

Digambar Paramhansha Quotes Know me as one beyond the creation, existence and destruction.

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesThe true Moksha is the attainment of all-selfhood in this very life. For the individual souls, the only way to remove sorrow and suffering is to realize your true-self — the Atman

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesFor permanent happiness, one should first try to know what is the true object ( the greatest truth )

Digambar Paramhansha QuotesIn Koli-Yuga, one easy way to cross the world of suffering is to follow the path indicated by Vedanta.

Digambar Paramhansha Quotes Human life has been obtained due to good luck. Try to get atman-jnana ( Self Realization ) in this life itself .

Digambar Paramhansha Quotes Sat-Chit-Ananda is the tru nature or characteristic of the Atman.

Digambar Paramhansha Quotes Karma ( good actions ) may help purification of the mind; but ‘knowledge’ is the best way to attain self –realization.

Digambar Paramhansha Quotes The character of a man is formed by his own mental and physical acts and deeds.