SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESNot attaining the desired objects and attainment of undesired ones are the modes of suffering for the ignorant. Whatever you have attained is what you really deserve for and heartfelt acceptance of this is a sign of spiritual refinement.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESHuman birth is not to synthesize the mechanical repetition of his mortality but to apparently synchronize the Divine breath with the timelessly chanting infinite Divine consciousness.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESThe newborn cuckoo returns to his mother after taking birth inside the crow’s nest. But the nourishment with the crows never affects the sweetness of the cuckoo’s voice. Similarly you, the part of the Divine can never be permanent in this alien world and will return to your creator one day, in your purest native form.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESA doll made of sugar gives the same sweetness when any of its fragments is tasted. The akin exultation and fragrance of Divinity can be experienced and felt from any part of the creation.

The true lasting quietness… comes from a complete consecration to the Divine

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESDirect all your diffused thoughts and discrete precepts into Divine consciousness and make the vacillation of the mind be fixed on your Guru.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESNever be a misogynist. Witness Divine mother in all women for they are the sources of all affection.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESThose who awaken and raise their latent kundalini to the highest level along the six nerve plexuses through yogic trances witness play.

It is the Divine Presence that gives value to life. This Presence is the source of all peace, all joy, all security. Find this Presence in yourself and all your difficulties will disappear.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESSelfless devotion is the end of all knowledge and the realization of the presence of Divine in the life-breath is the end of all natal ignorance.

Swami Chidananda Whatever one is engaged in, whatever type of life one is leading, inwardly one should be ever rising upward, God ward, divine ward, up, up to this great attainment.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESThere is hardly anything to chant externally; for the Divine chant is performed on the life breath of a mortal from the day his soul descends down. Only the rare know this and become a conscious observer of this chant.

The Sadgurus desire to evolve the disciples to the state of perfect human being (Satpurush), with perfect noble qualities so that these evolved souls can further carry on task as per the divine Plan.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTES It is neither a compulsion nor a necessity to renounce your worldly deeds and duties for the path of Divinity. Often this becomes an excuse for the laze. If your mind is focused on the Lord, the bodily activities hardly make any impact.

Swami Chidananda
May all the powers at our command be directed towards this one ideal of making our inner truth, our essential nature, our true identity! Live in such a way that you may emerge out as a shining, radiantly divine, perfect and liberated soul.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESAlways make company with saints, sages and Selfrealized ones and never let your senses bank with evilminded ones. Then only your mind and the body will gradually be purified from within through their holy induction and Divine osmosis.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESEverything can be mastered through spiritual practices and ethical austere lifestyle, but devotion or the Divine emotion, which can only be attained by the blessings of your Guru.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESThe Divine plays on the breath in alternating solar and lunar phases making unique vibrations; and those who witness these through deep yogic practices go beyond the binding orbit of Maya.

Swami Chidananda The power of divine love cannot be fathomed, it cannot be described. It will follow you wherever you go, whatever you are, whatever you have done. Even if you go to hell, it will reach out for you there and break hell to pieces and redeem you.

Beauty you are my way to the Divine.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESPerforming exhaustive rituals and outward spiritual exhibitions are meaningless without unconditional love and Divine emotion in the heart for your Guru.

SHRI ABHIRAM PARAMAHANSA DEV QUOTESLet your consciousness steer your intellect and the intellect meditate on the dotty mind through the breath. When the mind at this stage drives the nature through the senses, the deeds become Divine.