Padma Besha – Costume Of Lord Jagannath


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Padma Mukha Besha

Complete Story Behind Padma Besha
Padma Besha is done on any Wednesday or Saturday between the new moon day of Magha and Basanta Panchami. Padma means lotus flower, the availabilityPadma Besha – Costume Of Lord Jagannath of which is remote in the month of Magha because of winter season. There is a legend behind this Besha. Long ago, a great saint devotee of Lord named Manohar Das desired to offer lotus flower in this winter. Because of his Bhakti Bhava (deep devotion towards Lord) it could be possible. From that day this Padma Beshas made of Sola, Jari, and Jhalak powder like white lotus flowers are used for decoration of deities on their heads and arms. A special type of pudding called Padma khiri is offered to deities on this day. Only with this Besha, triad go to sleep and on the following day morning after Mangala Alati devotees get chance to see this Besha.





Mangal Alati Manohar Das Ratnavedi

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Festival in Puri


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