Shri Ganesha Worship ( Upasana ) at Shrikhetra Puri Dham


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From ancient age, Shri Khetra Puri is the devotional pilgrimage center because the presence of Chaturdha Murti, many God & Goddess are gathered because of the exhibiting of Lord Narayan. Martya Baikuntha is the another name of Shrikhetra, the reason numbers of Sanatani Culture ( Shaiva, Shakta, Vaisnaba, Ganapatya ) always emphasizes their culture centering to Lord Jagannath culture. At Jagannath Temple puri, we all notice the existing Ganapatya Culture with numbers of sculpture and picture art of Shri Ganesha in Bhittara Bedha ( inside courtyard ) & Bahara Bedha ( outside courtyard). Shri Ganesha is sidhidata, bighnaharta and also known as Sarbamangalakarta. Bighnaharta Shri Ganesha who get the first offering before any material ( Loukika ) or Dharmik karma ( Spiritual Deeds ).

Ganesha Stone Sculpture Inside Jagannath Temple

1 – There is a small Ganesha established in the entrance Gate of mothers Bimala in dancing posture the face of Ganesha is towards east.

2 -The Ganesha Idol has been established inside the temple Jagmohan of goddess bimala at the right side of entrance gate of inner Chamber of goddess Bimala . Shri Ganesh is facing towards south.

3 – A Ganesh Idol has been placed in the temple of Khira Chora Gopinath. The Ganesha is facing towards north

4 – A black granite Ganesha Idol has been placed in the Hall Of Bhoga Mandapa at the South Wall. He is facing towards south. Out of 36 Nijoga ( Servitory groups of Sri Jagannath Temple ). Two Nijogas – Puspalaka and Pujapanda are offering homage to Sri Ganesh on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi.

5 – One Ganesha has been established at the south wall of God Hari Sahadev, as side God ( Parswa Debata ),

6 – The small Ganesh idols have been placed at the left side of 22 pahacha ( 22 staire case) in Sri Jagananth Temmple. The idols are plced at the right wall of god Kasi Viswanath.

7 – One Ganesha idol has been placed at the left side of 22 Pahacha in the temple of God Narasingh. This Ganesha is looking towards North.

8 – One Ganesha is being worshiped in the Jagamohana of Mother Mangala at the root of Kalpa Bata ( Desire fulfilling bynian tree )

Kalpabata Ganesha – Inside Jagannath Temple – Batta Ganesha

9 – In the inner courtyard of Sri Jagananth Temple one Ganesha is being worshiped inside the temple of Markandeswar. the face of Ganesha is towards east,

10 – At the entrance Gate of Indrani Devi, A Ganesh idol installed at the left side. The idol faced towards south. Inside temple one east faced iodl is also installed.

Nata Ganesha – Inside Jagannath Temple

11 – There are four Ganesha idols established at the different pillars of Mukti Mandap.

12 – At the south verandah of Srimadir a Ganesha is worshiped the right side of veranda facing towards South.

13 – At the Sun Temple of inner Court yars of the Tempe a samll Ganesha is installed in a Hole at the north Side Wall.

14 – A Ganesha idol also installed in the temple of Pataleswar. The idol is a facing towards east.

15 – There are four Ganesha idols inside the Pratihari Nijog. Out of the four images, three idols are facing towards south are others is facing west.

16 – At the entrance Gate of South side of Sri Mandir ( Local name Gumuta ) a small Ganesha idol installed at the right wall hole.

1000 names of Lord Ganesha – Shri Ganesha Sahasra Nâmavali

17 – At the main Gate of temple Kitchen ( Rosa Ghara ) a gnesha idol is established at left side wall . The Ganesha is known as Rosa Ganesha. Temple cooks ( Suaras ) are engaged in preparation of food after obesance to Sri Ganesha.

18 – There is a Siva Temple at the right side of Kioli Baikuntah ( burial ground od Sri Jaganantha during Nabakalebara ) namely Baikuntheswara. Sri Ganesh is established at the South side of the temple as side God. This

Statue Of Shri Ganesha inside wall of Dolabedi

Statue Of Shri Ganesha inside wall of Dolabedi

Ganesha has eight hands.

19 – A Ganesh is there inside the temple of Sitala.

20 – South fracing Ganesha is also established inside the pedestal of Chakra Narayan temple at the Nilachal Garden ( Upabana )

21 – Ganesha Idol also seen at the left side of Somnath Temple at the South Gate of Srimandir

22 – Ganesha idols having eights hands established over the Gateway Of Paschima Dwara gate of west side of Sri Mandir.

23 – A Ganesh Idol established at the backside of Sri Rama Mandir at door South Gate of Sri Mandir

24 – A Ganesha Idol also received in the Pasara house inside the Ananda Bazaar.

Uchista Ganesha ( Bhanda Ganesha ) – Kanchi Ganesha – Inside Jagannath Temple

25 – A Ganesh Idol is also seen Insight 4 Dham Temple at the Gateway of Nilachala Garden Upabana

26 – There are two wells inside Sri Mandir Rosa Ghara ( temple kitchen premises) namely Ganga and Jamuna two Ganesha idols are established on the wall near the two wells.

Ganesha Chitra Pratima Inside Jagannath Temple

1 – One easily find awesome Chitra Pratima of Lord Ganesha at the left side wall of Singh Dwar Gumuta.

2 – Chitra Pataima of Lord Ganesha is seen near Ghanta Mundei Thakurani of Baisi Pahacha inner courtyard.

3 – Budhima Thakurani is at south gate of Jagannath Temple, Chitra Partima is seen at right side door of Goddess.

4 – Dakhineswara Mahadeb Temple at South Gate outer courtyard, Ganesha Chitra Pratima is seen on the way of Rosho Ghara.

5 – Dhabalswara Temple is at North Gate, Ganesha Chitra Pratima is seen at the front wall.

6 – Ganesha Chitra Pratima is seen inside of Ishaneswar Temple of Jagannath Temple.

Nata Ganesha – Inside Jagannath Temple

7 – One large sized Chitra Pratima of Lord Ganesha is seen inside Merada Rosha, inner courtyard south side of Satya Narayan Temple.

8 – Charcha Ganesha is the name of a Large size Chitra Pratima, finds the first pillar near Muduli Dwar of Shri Mandira Jagamohana.

9 – Ganesha Chitra Pratima is seen at 8th and 13th pillar of Jagamohana.

10 – Pancha Mukhi Gannnath, Chitra Pratima is seen at the Jagamohana of Mohalaxmi Temple north side wall.

Numbers of Ganesha Statue & Chitra Pratima in different temples at Puri Shrikhetra as main God & side God. In Pancha Mahadev Temple Shri Ganesha is worshiped as side God. These famous five Shiva temples are Lokanatha, Jameswara, Kapalamochana, Markandeswara and Nilakantheswara together they are known as Pancha Pandavas or the five brothers. Chara Ganesha is worshiped in Narendra Kona, Chara Ganesha is built for the no obstacles occurred in Jagannath Temple Construction. Ganesha Worship is ancient in puri, exciting numbers of Ganesha Statute and Chitra Pratima proved it.

Chara Ganesha ( ଚାର ଗଣେଶ ) – Ganesha Guruja Jaga near Narendra Tank ( Sarobara )

Jagamohana ganesha

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