Laxmi Narayana Temple of Chaurasi




The temple is located 3 Km south of Varahi temple and on the western outskrit of the village Chaurashi.The temple has a pidha vimana of Kalingan style. It is a living temple and enshrines an image of Laxmi-Narayana. The original temple built out of bricks goes back to Somavamsi Period.There is an Udyotasimha just over the frontal porch. A broken navagraha palen may be of early temple and some fragments of designed stone are notice towards the northern wall of the temple. It is a pancharatha temple with panchangabada .The Vimana is of pidha order, with four fold division of pabhaga and bandhana of two moldings. Rituals like Rasapurnima, Vaisakha Purnima, Kartika Purnima etc. are observed

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