Vana Durga Temple near Indradyumna Tank




There is small a temple of Goddess Vana Durga near Indradyumna Tank,

Vana-Durga, godess of forest, who protect the forest form evil eyes, protect the nature, animals and birds. Form Vedic periods, our Rusi Muni ( Saints ) prays the nature as Devi.

Vana Durga Mantra

Om Hreem Dhum Uth-thish-tha Purushi
Kim Swapishi Bhayam Meh Samu-pas-thi-tham
Yadi Sakya Masakyam Va Than Meh Bhagavathi Samaya Swaha

In one periods of Hinduism, Shaktism overtake Vaisnbas & Shaibas. We learn feminisim is superior than all. Without Shakti ( energy ), everthing remain dead ( Saba ). In Shrikhetra Puri , Shkati Puja is very ancient, scholars tell Shri Jagannath was worshiped as Khabmeswari ( Tribal Deity ). In Gosani Jatra, Kantakhadi Gosani depict the supremacy over vaisanba and Shaibas. Goddess raising her leg, while Shiva looks on, so that Vishnu can remove a thorn. Vana Durga is localy known as Kantakhadi Gosani.

Durga Puja at Puri durga-puja shakticult

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