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Water is essential for Human, who spend lots more than his/her desire. Water is essential for all living beings . To ensure availability for future generations, the withdrawal of fresh water from an ecosystem should not exceed its natural replacement rate. Following slogans may encourage us to save water.

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1. Without water, everything withers
2. No water, no life
3. Our bodies need clean bodies of water
4. We’re all equal in our need for water
5. Either rich or poor; everyone needs water
6. Every drop of water speaks of itself
7. Make every drop of water count
8. A drop of water is life for a thirsty person
9. A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man
10. Want to know value of water, visit a backward desert
11. Sweet water is a blessing from God
12. Next World War may be on share of water
13. Water is the most precious element in the world
14. There is no alternate of water
15. Without water living is impossible

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16. Save water to save life
17. When you save water, it saves you back
18. Hey man! Don’t waste water
19. Water is life so don’t hit your life
20. Save water, it will save you in return
21. Don’t let the water run in the sink, our life’s on the brink!
22. Put a full stop to every drop of water
23. When you conserve water, you conserve life!
24. Save water…it doesn’t grow on trees
25. Save water, secure the future
26. Rainwater tank, won’t break the bank
27. Saving water can save the world
28. Save water…..It’s not just a drop in the bucket
29. Stop making a splash. Conserve water
30. Save water! Save life!
31. Serve to conserve every drop of water
32. Save water, secure the future.
33. Don’t waste clean water just sip it
34. Conserve water before it’s too late
35. Save water to continue happiness
36. No religion allows to waste the water
37. Save water even if it is a drop
38. Hand washing reduces the chance of diarrhea by 35%
39. Store water for bad days

Slogans on water pollution

40. Stop polluting water
41. Never make your water bodies a dustbin
42. Industries must treat wastewater before releasing it
43. Keep our oceans fairly blue
44. What if your kids have to drink polluted water?
45. Don’t make nature cry, keep your water clean
46. Fresh air and clean water; just deserve them
47. For life on earth save our seas
48. Don’t waste clean water, just save it
49. Four million people die each year due to water-borne disease
50. One out of four in this world doesn’t have access to clean water
51. Half of the world’s schools don’t have access to clean water
52. Water related diseases lose 443 million school days each year
53. In developing world 80% are water-borne diseases
54. 90% wastewater in developing world remains untreated
55. 1.8 million kids die due to diarrhea every year
56. 50% visitors of world’s hospitals suffer from water-borne diseases
57. In India every year water-related diseases cost 73 million working days
58. In Africa death chances due to water-borne diseases are 500 times higher
59. Deaths due to water related diseases are 10 times higher than war casualties
60. One minor dies per 15 second due to water related diseases
61. Kidney stone is the ugliest gift of water pollution
62. Always shun water pollution
63. Raise voice against every act of polluting the water
64. Water pollution causes gastro disease
65. Protect your water bodies from pollution
66. Protect your water from all types of hazards
67. Keep your rivers safe from pollution
68. Love your rivers to spend a happy life

Slogans on water shortage

69. Water, 3 billion people are dying for it
70. Water, water everywhere but why it is rare somewhere
71. Life depends on water, the reservoir depends on you
72. We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Save water!!
73. Save water but never remain thirsty
74. Poor sanitation hits more than half of world’s poor at one point of time
75. Women in Asia and Africa to walk 4 miles to get clean water
76. 33% world population don’t have proper sanitation
77. Governments must treat wastewater to combat water shortage

Slogans on drinking water

78. Always drink boiled water
79. Adopt the safest method to purify water for drinking purpose
80. People drink mineral water of $70 billion every year
81. First sale of bottled water made in 1760 in US
82. Bottled water sale rises 10 per cent every year
83. Americans drink bottled water more than milk or beer
84. Tap water is average 560 times cheaper than bottled water
85. Marketing war against tap water created demand of bottled water
86. Beverages companies promote use of cold drinks instead of tap water
87. Half of bottled water is fake and derived from tap water
88. China is 2nd biggest consumer of bottled water in the world

Slogans on water awareness

89. Educate your kids on importance of water
90. Ask your colleagues to fill the glass of water as much as he can drink
91. Convince your family to conserve water while washing clothes and dishes
92. Never compromise on quality of taps and avoid water seeping
93. If water is left in the glass throw it into a pot of natural plant
94. Share these slogans on water on your Facebook page
95. Email these slogans on water to your friends and colleagues
96. Talk to your community about importance of water
97. Make pledge to halve your water bill within six months.
98. Tweet one slogan on water daily on your Twitter account
99. Send your favorite slogan on water through SMS to your friends and family
100. Do come back to this post to revive in your mind the importance of water in life.

After going through this post we must change our behavior with regard to water. Every drop of water counts a lot and can save life anywhere. So let’s pledge to conserve water and avoid polluting it.

Slogans on water awareness Slogans on water shortage Manas Kumar Sahoo

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