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Shankaranand Matha is situated at Balisahi, Tiadisahi. This is very ancient and old Matha. This matha is situated at the close proximity of Shankarachrya ( Govardhan ) Matha. Shankaranand Matha os unanimously known as “Bhoga Bardhan Matha” or Saraswati Pitha. This math is a branch of Srungeri Saradapitha.

It is said that Shankaranand Saraswati of southern India had established this math. The precious mahanta ( Head of the monastery) Swami Sachidananda Saraswati said that Padmapada Achryq first established a hut on the spot on the present throne of deities.  He started worshiping of Nrusingha deity.

Nrusingha is worshipped as main deity of the math. so it is belived that, the place of worship of Shankaranand Matha is the oldest monastery of Puri.

Angavima Deva the king od Odisha has issued a certificate appointing the Mahant of Shankaranand Matha as administratior of Sri Jagannath Temple.  Mahaprasad of deities was provided to matha on every day as khei.

Maharaja ( King ) Madabhanu Dev nominated the Mahanta as administrator of Sri Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar and passed order for supply of prasad to matha regularly as khei.

Kind Narasingha Dev had appointed the Maharaj as administrator of Sri Lokannath Temple, puri and offered management of all Siva temple of Odisha.

A branch of Shankaranand Math is situated at Bhubaneswar near Bindusager pond. Besides, a branch also situated at Parur, kantapada in Ganjam District.

Sankaranadamath is as branch of famouse Srungeri Pithq. The math was famous through out Odisha. At present the fame of math has been diminished.  In the past, history of religion of culture, this math play a very important role. The matha is in dilapidated condition due to shortage of fund and lack of management.

One lore ( ଜନଶୃତି )  is very popular in Odisha that, Sridhar Swami was lived in Dandapatara, Remuna .  He learned many purana shastra. Once a time, he felt detached from Sansar ( world ), so he move towards to different pilgrimage place.. Lastly blessed by Lord Nrusigha, he come to the Srikhetra Nrusigha pitha and wish if he would write commentary of Srimad Vagabat. He searched the place, got to know about Nrusingha deity of Shankaranada Math and worshiped him. After some period, he is known as pratsthabada Sadhak. ( Shri Mandira Ratha edition 1988 ), Vagabata Commenter ( ଭାଷ୍ଯକାର ) Sridhar Swami worshiped the deity of Shankaranand matha Nrusingh and wrote staba as in mangalachran.

” ବାଗିଶୋ ଯସ୍ୟ ବଦନେ ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀର୍ଯସ୍ୟ ଚ ବକ୍ଷସି
ଯସ୍ୟାସ୍ତେ ହୃଦୟେ ସମ୍ବିତ ତଂ ନୃସିଂହ ଭଜେ ।। “

” bagiso jasya badane laxmirjysya ch bkhaysi
jasyaso hrudaye sambit tanga Nrushingha vaje “

Press Conference( collected from odia daily Samaja )

The Ukal Bidwat ( Learned ) Parishad is claimed for renovation of old historical Sankrananda Matha in puri. The math is in dilapidated condition due to shortage of fund and lack of management.  Si Manoj Kumar Rath, the president of the parishad had clamied before state Govt to declare this Matha as historical monuments and make renovation of the Matha.  In a press conference Sri Ratha told that during past the monastery had a very important role in education, defence, religion and salvation. The math is situated at the close proximity of Sri Jagannath Temple near about 500 meter, distance. It is believed that Shankarachrya had spent some time in that matha. The main deity of the matha is Nrusingha most of it’s land have been misappropriated. The entire monastery is in ruined condition.  He strongly demande that state Govt to take over the matha through its Debotar Department to save the math from ruin.

Nrusingha monastery matha

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