ATM at Jagannath Puri




Name Of ATM Location
State Bank Of India

– Acharya HariHara Chhak, Sea Beach.

– Medical Square, Grand Road

– Infront of Sadar Police Station, V.I.P. Road

– Infront of Puri Railway Station

– Near Abakash, Gundicha Temple

– Nayak Plaza

– Subash Bose Chhak, Puri

– Surya Complex, Grand Road, Puri, Market Chhak

– Saradhabali Gundicha Temple, Puri

– Medical Chhak, Grand Road, Puri

– Market Chhak, Puri

– Near Sadar Thana Road, V.I.P.Road.


– Badasankha, Near Hospital Square

– Sea Beach, Near Puri Hotel

– Grand Center, Grand Road

– Sadar Thana, IDBI, Badasankha

Alhabad Bank

– Mochi Sahi

United Bank Of India

– Sea Beach, Near Puri Hotel

Canara Bank

– Medical Square, Grand Road

Andhra Bank

– Victoria Club Hotel, Sea Beach

Syndicate Bank

– Surya Complex, Grand Road

Punjab National Bank

– Swargadwar, Near Puri Hotel

Union Bank of India

– Sea Beach, Swargadwar

– Nayak Plaza, Grand Road

Bank of India

– Near Janata Cinema, Grand Road

Bank of Boroda

– Darjipokhari Square, Police Line


– Nayak Plaza, Grand Road, Puri, VIP Road Priyadarshini

City Guide

flag Lord Jagannath

Festival in Puri


Weather Puri  28-10-2020
Wind: 6.84km/h
Noth East
Humidity: 69%

    LOOKING AHEAD Puri Weather
  • 29-10-2020 [ Thu]
    Partly Cloudy
    High:30°C Low:24°C
  • 30-10-2020[ Fri]
    Mostly Cloudy
    High:30°C Low:24°C
  • 31-10-2020[ Sat]
    Mostly Cloudy
    High:30°C Low:24°C
  • 01-11-2020[ Sun]
    Partly Cloudy
    High:30°C Low:25°C

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