Sixteen Mandap ( Pedestals ) of Sri Jagannath Temple




There are different Mandaps (Pedestals) in Sri Jagannth Temple. They are named as 1) Bheta ( Meeting) Mandap, 2 ) Chahani (Looking) Mandap, 3) Snna (Bathing Mandap, 4) Prasad(Offering) Mandap, 5) Baikuntha Mandap, 6) Bakula Mandap, 7) Bhoga Mandap,  8) Mukti ( Salvation Mandap, 9) Majan Mandap, 10) Jalakrida Madap, 11) Navikata Mandap. 12) Deva Sabha Mandap, 13) Achinta Mandap, 14) Nata Mandap, 15) Adap Mandap, 16) Bali Mandap, 17) Ratna Mandap, 18) Dolamandap and 19) Jagyan Mandap…

Ratna Mandap

The pedestal in the main temple where the four idols viz – Sri Jagannath, Balavadra and Goddess Subhdra are established is known as Ratna Vedi or Mandap. The Mandap is situated on the plot No 1 as per Record of right of Sri Mandir. All the four idols ae facing towards east. Sri Sudarshan, Sri Madhab and Sri Devi are at the Left Side of Sri Jagannath. Bhudevi is at the right side of Lord Sri Jagannath. The height of this mandap is 4 feet. This Mandap is also known as Ratna Bedi, Ratna Mandap and Ratana Singhasan ( Throne ) . As eternal Brahma like Sri Jagannath, Balavdra, Subhdra, Sudarshan, Madhab, Bhudevi and Sridevi are on the Mandap. It is regarded as most Sacred Brahma Sila.

Deva Sabha Mandap

As per record of Right of Sri Madir this mandap is on plot No 30. This mandap is situated at the close proximity of main Temple at the North and Western side of Navi Kata Mandap. It is saying that all Devatas from Heaven are conducting meeting at the mid-night on this Mandap.

Snnana Mandap

This mandap is situated at other side of Sri Mandir is the Ananda Bazar. The mandap (pedestal) is facing east. As per Record of Rights the mandap is on the plot no 148 of Sri Mandir. This mandap is made of white Sand stone. The length and breadth of the mandap is 75 feet. Staircase are either side of North and South to ride on. On the mandap there are three  round stone ( Chaka )  On the full moon day of Jyestha Month( June & July ) in each year the Deities come to this mandap from Ratna Bedi. On this mandap the bathing ceremony of deitites is observed with 108 pot fall worshiped water. The famous Gajanan Besha ( Ganesh ) of Deities are observed.

Gundicha Mandap

This mandap is known as Jangya Bedi, Maha Bedi, Adapa Madap, Rasa Madap and Adapa Mandap. During 12th century this Gundicha Mandap was a wooden mandap.  The king Narasingh Dev 2 of Ganga dynasty during his reign ( 1278 to 1306 A.D) had constructed stone Mandap. The mandap situated at the central house of Gundicha Ghara is made of Black Granite. The Length of this mandap is 19 feet and height is 4 feet. At Saradhabali, the detites descended from wooden chariot and go to Gundicha Temple. The pedestal where the deities adorned is called Adap Madap. Kind Indradumna established Nrusigha Dev and performed an oblation called Horse Sacrifice Yagnya ( Aswamedha) .There was a mandap at the side of Yagnya mandapa publicly called Adap Mandap. At present the wooden deities Sri Patitapaban ( Saviours of down trodden people) also make their way their way to this Adap Mandap. This Adap mandap is the birth place of wooden deities. So triad use nine days visit to Gundicha Mandap. It is said in epics that the result of Darshan Sri Mandir is equa to have a darshan in Adap Mandap.

Veta Mandap

This mandap is situated on the plot No 282 as per records of right of Sri Jagannath Temple. The actuall ocation of this Mandap is in the east side of Temple Kichen Campus. The cosort of Jagannath, Goddess Laxmi hava a glance of Sri Jagannath from this mandap at the time of return Car festival while descending from Charoit.

Chahani Mandap

This mandap is situated on the plot No 149 at the south side of Snana Mandap ( Bathing Pedesta) of Sri Mandir. At the time of return Car festival the chariot of Lord Sri Jagannath make a halt in from of Royal palace of King ( Sri Nahara ). During this time Goddess Laxmi looks Sri Jagannath from this mandap. After that one meeting of Laxmi & Narayan rituals are held at the from of Sri Nahara. The mandap has twelve pillars. The height of the roof is 7 feet high. This is an open Mandap. This manadap constructed during 17th century, by  Khajabenu Chhotaray.

Mukti Mandap

During Sri Mandir Pratistha ( Establishment of Temple ) the creator Brahma has observed an oblation ( Jajana ), a religious offering on a pedestal subsequently, that pedestal known as Mukti Mandap. This sacred place is situated in between Kalpa – Bata and Rohni Kunda. It is belived that during mid-night all the deities from heaven are congregated here. All the matters relating to earth are discussed under the chairmanship of Brahma. After through discussion, the last instruction given by Vishnu is obeyed by all the Gods. As per legendary saying king indradwimna had arranged a Jajnya( Religious Offering ) on Mukti Mandap. The other name of Mukti Mandap is Seat of Brhma ( Brahmasana ). Now a days the Learned Brahmin are allowed to sit on Mukti Mandap. The Brahmins of Mukti Mandap are issuing instruction on the problem of observing rules in the Sri Mandir.  Mukti Mandap Pandits also give way to the persons who want to repent on their sin. The Mukti Mandap also give recognization to the almanac of the Sri Mandir. The length and bredth of that mandap is 38 feet each. This mandap was but during the reign og King Ramachandra DEv during the year 1578 A.D. All the learned persons of 16 Brahman Sasana are congregated on Mukti Mandap to have a discussion on the religious rules of Hinduism.

Majana Mandap

In the inner side of Sri Mandir ( Bhitara Bedha ) at the right side of Beherana door, there is a mandap namely Majana Mandap. This mandap is situated on the plot No 21. As per record of Right, the bathing ceremony of Goddess Laxmi is observed on each Thursday on this Mandap. The wedding ceremony of Sridevi with Mdan Mohan is held on eleventh day of Lighter fortnight of month Jyestha. The birth rituals of Lord Baman ( Fifth incarnation of Lord Bishnu ) is observed on this mandap on the month of Vadraba – 12 day of lighter fortnight. During the month of Aswina, eighth day of dark fornight ( Mula – Astami ) the beggnning of Durga Puja ritual also observed on this mandap. The mandap is also known as Somanath Mandap. On each day eveing devotional songs also recited on this mandap. Other rituals namely cleaning of Chita & Rahrekha are done here. The rituals of Rukmni Bibaha of also observed on Light Ekadashi days. The Mandap is also known as wedding mandap.

Rahasa Mandanp
During 16th century, the Rahasa mandap was situated near Bata Ganesha, the great Banyan Tree where Atibadi Jagannath Dash recited main Sanskrit Bagavata in Odiya Version to the devotees around him. This is mentioned in Baisnab Leela Amrit, Sri Chaitanya Charita and Sri Jagannath Charitamrit books.

Navikata Mandap
Inner side of Sri Mandir campus, there is a mandap (pedestal situated at the southern side of Temple Garada called Navikata Mandap. On the date of birthdayday of Lorg Srikrsna, his post birth rituals are observed on this mandap. This mandap has another name called Bajantri Mandap. On the day of Dola Purnima, the bathing, dressing and offerings of Bhoga to Dolagovinda, Bhudevi and Sridevi, then the Lord and Goddess go to Dolavedi. Now a days in evening , counting of Notes procured form Hundis are done on the Mandap.

Jala Krida Mandap
This mandap is situated on plot no 80 on the back side of Nrushingha Temple. At the entrance of this mandap images of Jay and Vijay are established. During the time of Bhitara Chandan, the rituals Chandan Jatra is observed on this mandap.

Achinta Mandap
It is situated in the Bhitar Bedha ( Inner side of Temple premises at the branch office of Sri Mandira. Now adays the office of Pratihari Nijog is functioning on the mandap. Saptrapuri Tada of Spatapuri ritual, Makara Tada of of Makara Bedha are just circling the temple are kept at Achinta Mandap.

Nirmalya Mandap
This mandap is situated at the outer side of Sri Madir Bedha within the premises of Nilanchala Upabana ( Temple Garden ). As name suggest, the mandap is used for the preparation of Nirmalya.

Dola Mandap
In the past at the Agnikona ( East & south Corner ) of Sri Mandir one Mandap was there . This mandap was called Dola Mandap  and accordingly the lane is called Dola Mandap Sahi. Once upon a time, during Dola Jatra of Lords, the swing detached from its upper fix. The hands of Lord Balavadra was broken. After that incident, the representative idols attended the Mandap. When the mandap is ruined entirely, ultimately King Bira Kishore had built new mandap outside of Meghanad Wall, now it is known as Dola Mandap.

Nata Mandap
This mandap is situated in between Jaga Mohana and Bhoga Mandap, on the plot No 10 . Different ritual of the mater Skrikrisna Janamstami like Andha Lila Prastab, Daha Lila Prastab is conducted on this mandap. Different carving of God, Goddess, flowers are found on wall and Pilaar of the Mandap. Devadashi was dancing  at the time of Sakala Dhupa Procession on this mandap. Traditional songs were sang on this mandap  at the time of twilight on behalf of Vaisnba Sadhus of Bada Chata Matha.

Bhoga Mandap

According to Record of Right of Sri Mandir, Bhoga Mandap is situated on the plot no 11. As per Temple working guide book this mandap is named as Tera Mandap. This mandap is also named as Niladri Mandap. The 4th room of main Temple is known as Bhoga Mandap. The bhoga are offered to deitis on Mandap. This Bhoga is offered from the hall of offering ( Bhogamandap ), basically for public. The offerings are made in the bhog mandapa, about 200 feet from the Ratna Vedi. This is called Chatra Bhog and was introduced by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century to help pilgrims share the temple food. During past , the Umbrella ( Chatra ) of Adi Shankaracharya was kept at this spot. Sankarcharya was sit under the umbrella. the Bhoga Madap was built on that spot. A tunnel from kitchen of Temple to this Mandap has been made, namely Achinta Pahandi. This mandap was built by king Purusotam Dev from Sun dynasty during the seventh year of his reign.

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