Tantra Ganapati




The statue of Tantra Ganapati just look upon the behavior and action of Vairaba at the temple of Sapta Matruka of Marakandeswar Temple, Puri.

Tantra Ganapati

The Tantra Shastra is devided in three parts and they are AAgama, Jaamala and Tantnra. All three are resmbling same but all three have found mircro level of difrences.. The AAgamic traditions are sometimes called Tantrism,[6] although the term “Tantra” is usually used specifically to refer to Shakta Agamas.

The Paramanada Tantra mentions the number of sectarian tantras as 6000 for Vaishnava, 10000 for Shaiva, 100000 for Shakta, 1000 for Ganapatya, 2000 for Saura, 7000 for Bhairava, and 2000 for Yaksha-bhutadi-sadhana. Accroring Ganapatya Tantra Ganapti / Vinayak is the controller of everything.

Ganapathi Athavarsheersha is the vedic text spesifically dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The author and date of origin of the text were unknown, however Historian conclude the era of this text should be around 16th- 17th century; especially the period of Ganapatya tradition being popularized from 10th century at West India, Maharastra.

Ganapathi Upanishad claimed to be an interpolation into Atharva-Veda, however this Atharvasheersha is only believed( not judged or assured) by Ganapatya tradition recited by Atharva Maharshi who recite Atharva Veda, after had the the darshan of Lord Ganapathi, note: even scholars are unable to identify the author of this shirsha.

1,200 years ago, Ganesha was a major deity with a sect of his own, known as the Ganapatyas. Around this time, a rock-cut shrine was built for him, in the era of the Pallava kings, in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. Here, he was more popularly known as Pillaiyar, which probably means ‘venerable young elephant’. About 500 years ago, the Ganapatya saint, Morya Gosavi, popularised the worship of Ganesha in Maharashtra, where Ganesha eventually became a patron deity of the Peshwas.

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