Barabati Gosani :: Durga Puja at Puri




Maa Barbati Gosani

She is the biggest clay Mahisamardini figure made during Durga Puja festival in Puri.The image of this gosani is built annually by the initiative of the members of the Barabati Jaga and therefore, the Gosani is so named. The height of this colossal Gosani is near about 20 feet in height. She has eight arms and displays snake, conch, dagger, bow, arrow, sword and trident. The demon Mahisasura is depicted in the theriomorphic form and treated lively. Iconographically Barabati Gosani is older than the Kakudikhai Gosani, who is ten-armed and the demon is depicted in the anthropomorphic form. The artists use primary colours like hingula, sankha, geru and lamp black for coloring the deity.


Barabati Gosani Gosani Durga Puja at Puri

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Festival in Puri


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