Papankusa Ekadasi




Lord Krisna

Papankusa Ekadasi is also known as Pasankusha Ekadashi, accroding to lord Krisna who help the needy and perform charty on the day, get Moksha ( Salvation ) . As observed other Ekadashi, the ritual are Devotee fasting followed on the day. Devotee also do partial fasting and skip the all night vigil.

As Told By Krisna On Papankusa Ekadasi And Krishna Replied: “0 king, please listen as I explain the glories of this Ekadashi – Papankusa Ekadashi- which removes all sins. On this day one should worship the Deity of Padmanabha,
the lotusnaveled Lord, according to the rules and regulations. By doing so, one achieves whatever heavenly pleasures he wants in this world and at last attains liberation. Simply by offering one’s humble obeisances unto Lord Vishnu, the rider of Garuda, once can achieve the same merit as is won by performing great penances for a long time with completely controlled senses. Although a person might have committed unlimited sins, he can still escape hell just by paying his obeisances to Lord Hari, who removes all sins. “The merits gained by going on pilgrimage to tirthas of this earthly planet can also be achieved simply by chanting the holy names of Lord Vishnu.

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Festival in Puri


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