Ghrim Hrim Krim Bija Mantra for Triad




Lord Jagannatha is described as the famous deity of Odra or Utkala in Tantrik texts like Kalika Purana, Rudrayamala, Brahmayamala, Tantrayamala.

In the Tantric tradition Jagannatha is worshipped with the Bija Mantra Klim and sits on the Mahakali Yantra as Mahakalika, similarly Balabhadra is worhsipped with the Bija Mantra Ghrim and sits on the Tara Yantra as Ugratara, similarly Subhadra is worshiped with the Bija Mantra Hrim and sits on the Bhuvaneswari Yantra as Bhuvaneswari.

flag Lord Jagannath

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