Madhabendra Puri and Malaya Chandan of Lord Jagannath




Madhabendra Puri was born in West Bengal. The man was a great lover of Lord Krishna. He was always engaged in worshiping Lord Krishna and he was also engaged in chanting the devotional songs of Lord Krishna. Finally he got so deeply immersed in the love of Lord Krishna that he left for Brindaban. After reaching at Brindaban he started searching for Lord Krishna . He was tired and feeling hungry and thirsty . At  this time it happened that a boy from a milk man family came to him with milk pots and offered  him milk to take. So he took milk.

The boy instructed him to construct a temple and before Madhabendra could say anything to him the boy who was really Lord Krishna vanished immediately. The next day Madhabendra went to that place and there inside  the grass he found an idol of Lord Krishna. He told the villagers everything and the villagers with great joy constructed a temple there. Then Madhabendra engaged himself in the work  of looking into the management systems of the temple, so that there will be no disturbance in Lord Krishna’s rituals. But once when he was sleeping he found it that Lord Krishna in dreams is speaking him to bring Malaya Chandan (The sandal cream prepared in a particular method) from Puri for him to make his body cool. Thus listening this Madhabendra left for Puri.

Lord Madanamohan Gopinath and Govinda – Khirachora Gopinatha Temple

While going to Puri he reached at Remuna of  Baleswar District of Odisha. There he saw the Lord Gopinath who was Lord Krishna also. Then he with love in heart started chanting the name of Lord Krishna sitting in the temple. There he listened it that during night the Lord is offered Khiri(A dish prepared by rice, Milk, Sugar, cashewut, Kismis and some specific items are added to it to make it  tasty. It is also called Khiri in Odisha ). Madhabendra got interested to have Khiri but as he was not ready to ask anybody for Khiri so he remained silent. At night it happened that the Lord in the dreams of the chief servitor told  the servitor that my devotee Madhabendra Puri is worshipping me with hunger and thirst. So I have stolen a pot full of Khiri for him. It is placed near my idol. You go and serve it to him. The servitor heard this and after that he ran to the temple. There he found the pot filled with Khiri. Again he reached Madhabendra Puri and giving the Khiri to Madhabendra he told everything . Madhabendra was overjoyed. But from that day as the god had stolen Khiri for his devotee that is why people started calling him Khirichora Gopinath. He is also now Known as Khirichora Gopinath by the passage of time. After that Madhabendra reached at Puri and there prayed Lord Jagannath to help him to get malaya chandan. Madhabendra was successful in arranging the sandal paste with the blessings of Lord Jagannath .On the way back he reached near the temple of Khirichora Gopinath. There at night the Lord appeared and told him that I can’t tolerate your pains any more so I have come from Brindaban. Madhabendra listened everything and the next day offering the malaya chandan he started singing the songs of Lord Krishna with great devotion.

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