Nirgun and Sagun




Actually, Lord is Nirguna. He is the creator of qualities and so He will not be under the control of qualities. Such Nirguna Brahman is called Parabrahman. But, when the same Nirguna Brahman enters in some medium like human body, becomes human incarnation and exhibits qualities. He is now called Saguna Brahman i.e., Brahman with qualities.

But here also He exhibits the qualities but is not under the influence of qualities. Where as human beings are full under control of their qualities.

Whenever we say statements like ‘God wished’, ‘God is seeing the creation’, ‘God is entertained’ indicate the relative God (Saguna Brahman) only, who is the absolute God covered by the primary energy (energetic body, which is energetic incarnation in upper worlds) or human body (human incarnation on earth).

We cannot speak anything about the absolute God because all words return back without touching Him (Yato Vachah… Veda).

Lord with human body is called Saguna Brahman, which means Lord associated with Guna (Quality). The quality is depending on the substance only and is surrounding the substance. The different forms of awareness are the different feelings. These feelings are the different deities. So Satguru (Lord) can show form of any deity just by getting that feeling. His materializes as the form of deity & you can look Him as that deity. You must have firm faith on such Satguru & this firm faith is entire essence of your spiritual effort (Sadhana).

Sun can remove only darkness but not ignorance. Sun is inert planet, which is a model for ignorant people. As Sun removes darkness, Lord removes ignorance. So the real deity form of Sun is Satguru & not inert Sun. Such Satguru enlightens intelligence as said in Veda (Dheeyo yonah). Such Satguru is compared to Sun (Savita). The inert Sun can only remove sleep of body but the preaching of Satguru removes the ignorance that covers the intelligence.

Author: Datta Swami

Saguna Brahman Veda Satguru

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