Sankhpit Ramayan – Jay Shree Ram


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Ramayana, the story of Lord Rama is “source book” of India’s Spiritual and cultural heritage. Lord Rama symbolizes the highest cultivation of all human virtues and their
expression in relationships. As the son of Dasharath, he fulfills his social role to the utmost by accepting his exile from Ayodhya. To Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna, he is he dearest brother; to hid eternal beloved wife Sita, he is the most loving and dharmic husband; to the citizens of Ayodhya, he is the most noble king. The term “Rama-rajya”, meaning the “rule of Lord Rama”, remains a symbol of prosperity, peace and abundance

Throughout his youth Rama showed signs of greatness. His magnanimous character pleased all of his elders, and he excelled in all of his studies. He was bright, powerful, charismatic and virtuous. Rama’s siblings looked upto him, especially Lakshman, who adored him and would follow him wherever he went. Vishvamitra became the martial guru of Dashrath’s sons. He had great faith in his student Rama, who he felt would one day defeat the demons who disturbed who he felt would one day defeat the demons who disturbed the lives of the Brahmins and ascetics in the forests. He approached Dashrath and took Rama and Lakshman into the forest for ten days while he performed his sacrifice. As they approached Vishvamitra’s forest hermitage they were being instructed in the arts of war and the use of mystic weaponry. Finally they arrived at siddashram, there they soon sent the whole rakshsa force led by maricha and subahu into retreat. Rama and Lakshman vanquished most of the demons, and their leaders fled the scene of the sacrifice.

In Mithila, King Janaka held a great sacrifice and promised that who ever could string the mighty bow would receive the hand of his daughter Sita in marriage. Vishvamitra along with two brothers went there to attend that sacrifice. Rama seized the bow by its middle and easily raised it out of its case and with a single graceful movement strung the bow and drew back the cord and immediately the bow snapped in two. Overwhelmed by such a divine display of might Janaka gave the hand of his daughter to the most competent suitor, the son of Dashrath, Lord Rama
Rama accepted his exile from Ayodhya to forest, to fulfill his father’s boon offered to Kaikeyi. He was accompanied by his wife, Sita and brother Lakshman.After Rama’s exile Dasharath passed away immersed in thoughts of Rama. When Bharata learned of his father’s passing from Kaikeyi, he denounced her and vowed that Sri Rama would be installed as the ruler. Then he prepared himself to search out his beloved lord and brother, Rama. Finally Bharata came upon Sri Ram and fell prostrate at his beloved brother’s feet, and they embraced, shedding tears and sharing words of deep love. Then Bharata persuaded rama to accept the throne but Rama would not even consider doing so. Finally Bharath asked Rama To place his feet on a pair of sandals that would be placed on the throne until his return. In the mean time, Bhrata proposed to serve Rama as minister for the fourtenn years of exile. Rama placed his feet on the sandals and asked the party to returned to their respective homes.

After leaving chitrakuta, Rama set up hermitage in nearby area called panchavati. After sometime, one day a demon by the name of Supanakha, sister of Ravna saw Rama’s divine beauty. She approached Rama and asked him to accept her as his wife and forego his relationship with sita, Rama tactifully reproached her, so then she approached Lakshman with same request. When Lakshman also refused her, she decided to kill Sita. Then Lakshman took off the ogress’ nose and ear with his sword. The demon went to her brother khara to seek revenge. Khara and his companion Dushra went to panchavati with an army of fourteen thousand Rakshasas, After a fierce battle Sri Rama killed the demons Khara and Dushna, and defeated an army of fourteen thousand. After witnessing the massacre Supanakha arrived at Lanka and prompted Ravana to take revenge. She pressed Ravana to capture Sita. Ravana approached Maricha to aid in capturing Sita. Then Maricha and Ravana reached at Rama’s hermitage. Maricha then assumed the form of a Golden Deer and wandered there gracefully Sita caught its glimpse and called Rama to hunt the Deer. Rama ventured out and ordered Lakshman to watch over Sita. After a long chase he hit Maricha with an arrow. Maricha revealed his original form and called out the name of Lakshman an Sita. She provoked Lakshman to search out Rama. Lakshman reluctantly left her. With Sita alone, Ravana entered, disguised as an ascetic. Sreceived the Brahimn with all maners of etiquette. Then Ravana told her his real name and boasted of his own glory, he asked her to marry him. Sita cursed Ravana for this. Then Ravana took hold of her and left for Lanka on his chariot. After entering Lanka Ravana imprisoned Sita in the private garden of Ahoka outside of the palace compound.

When Rama and Lakshnab returned to the hermitage, theyfind Sita missing. Then they began to search her. Kabandha, a gigantic demon advised them to approach an elderly ascetic lady named shabri, and also to take the aid of Sugriva. On the their way they stopped at Shabri’s hermitage. Then they arrived at the foot of Rishyamukha mountain. There, hanuman approach the two brothers. He then introduced himself and took Rama and Lakshman on his shoulders to Sugriva. Rama took Sugriva to his prior position, and Sugriva, in turn, vowed to help saved Sita. Then they reached to Kishkinda. Sugiva’s hand in the presence of the sacred fire, symbolizing their alliance. Rama vowed to personally defeat Bali and restore Sugriva to his prior postion, and Sugriva, in turn, vowed to help save Sita. Then they reached to Kishkindha. Sugriva challenged Bali, and a battle ensued. As Sugriva began to lose ground in the struggle, Rama let fly a shaft which alone took bali down. Then Sugriva met and they snt forces out in all directions to search for Sita. Sri Rama entrused Hanuman with a ring to give Sita as a message of love at the time of her rescue. Sampati, the broher of Jatayu, informed Hanuman and his party about Sita and directed them to Lamka. Then Hanuman took his leap and soared through the sky Finally he reached Lanka.

At Lanka Hanuman met sita and presented her with the ring that Rama had sent. Then before leaving, Hanuman set ablaze Lanka gave Rama the jewel from sita Then Rama along with the army of monkey started their journey to Lanka. The monkeys gathered roots, rocks, trees, and all varieties of shrubs from everywhere. Mountains were uplifted, and within days a bridge was erected, and they approached the strong hold at Lanka. Finally the battle began. May of Lanka’s great generals were killed.

During the battle, Kumbhakarna, Ravans’s younger brither and most vicious ally, was awakened from his slumber to wage war. On reaching the battlegrounds, Kumbhakarna unleashed his fury on the monkey troops. They all turned and took shelter of Shri Rama. Finally, Rama and Kumbhakarana faced each other. Then rama took off his limbs and with one mighty shaft beheaded him. Ravana fearful of his own defeat, ordered his last great generals to defend the capital. Indrajit returned with another assaults and was victrious in his missiles, and the monkey solders lay devastated on the field. Rama and Lakshman were also injured. Then Hanuman rose despite his wounds and went to the king of mountains to retrive life-giving herbs from the Himalyas.. Hanuman could not find the herbes, So he impatiently picked up the whole mountain peak and returnrd to Lanka. Once the monkeys were healed, he returned to Lanka. Once the monkey were healed. He returned the peak. Indrajit then tried to perform a sacrifice in Nikumbhila to ensure then tried to perform a sacrifice in Nikubhila to ensure victory on behalf of Ravana. The marched directly to Nikubhila and came upon Indrajit, whose life Lakshman took.

Ravana was overcome with grief at his son’s death. He came out raging, vowing to take the lives of Rama and Lakshamn. Lakshamn and Vibhishana assailed Ravana, who countered with arrows and missiles blazing. He realeased one missile at Vibhishana , but Lakshman pushed him from the path and took the hit. Lakshman now lay severely wounded. Rama looked at his brother and stepped forward to finaly chaleenge Ravana. Imeediately the sky was filled solid with arrows, neither side penetrating. Then they began to match each other in arms, strining each other almost continuously. Rama pierced Ravana’s ten heads with his blazing shafts, but as each one would fall, a new one one would appear, With every weapon at hand, the two constantly and indefatigably sought the other’s death. For days and nights the battle ragged In one final act, Rama raised his bow, strung it with an arrow, and released it into the heart of the king of Lanka. With the use of this Brahma weapon, the war was over. The gods and warriors cheered. Rama stood looking over the dead form of Ravana and instructed that the proper rites be held for the death of a warror king. After the funeral was held, Vibhishana was entroned as the king of Lanka

Hanuman was sent to inform Sita of Rama’s victory. Then Vibhishana brought Sita before Rama. As Sita approached Rama, all of the distress that had consumed her in their time of speparation began to dissipate. Rama told her that by scriptural ordinance a man was not receive a woman again after she has stayed in another man’s home Sita announced she would take trial by fire to prove her purity. Tehn Sita entered the fire. The fire god himself proclaimed Sita’s purity to all present. Sita was then released from the fire unharned nd accepted once again by Rama. Finally, they returned to Ayodhya as period of exile was now finished. All of Ayodhya awaited in great anticapatiion for Rama’s return. The fourteen years of exile only seemed to heighten their adoration for him. Arrangements were made for his reception and Vashista would soon perform the coronation ceremony. Rama and Bhratha finally met again, and Bhratta submitted the kingdom to Rama, Who was finally installed as the king of Ayodhya.

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