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Word Dharma means characteristic property which stands for identification of an item. Dharma of fire is burning by which it is identified as fire. It is expected natural behavior of an item in creation. If fire is cool, such coolness is Adharma which means that it is not the expected property of specific entity. Human being in this creation is a specified entity & is expected to show certain characteristic properties (Dharmas) by which he is identified as human being. If human being shows characteristic properties of other specified items, it loses its identification.

When God created various items in this world, He has assigned certain characteristic properties to be associated with corresponding items. So, possession of Dharma is will of God. Balance of creation is maintained when specified items exhibit their specified properties assigned by God. All inert items like fire, water etc. are strictly following will of God. God created this universe for entertainment.

Entertainment is disturbed if natural balance is upset. God has given freedom to human beings, which is inherent desire of souls. God has full freedom to change any characteristic property of any specified item. When He wished, fire could not burn, air could not move & water could not quench even a dry grass blade. Since He is omnipotent, He has unlimited freedom. But souls have very little potentiality. Their freedom is naturally conditional & limited.

Living being has little freedom within its specified boundary of its potentiality. If freedom is not given, it is not a living being. Among living beings, human being has full potentiality due to analytical faculty (Buddhi) & thus relatively more freedom is granted to it. Human being should understand limits of its capability & should freely behave within that specified boundary. Such behavior is Dharma which is expected by God. If limits are violated & behavior of some other category like animals is shown, soul is pushed into life cycle of animals.

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