The Lordship of Chaitra Month




Mention with Chitraa Nakshtra, Chaitra month is called MADHUMAAS in veda. The Lord of Chairta Month is Shri Lord Narayan. Baruni Snnna is held on different places, on Chaitra krusna pakshya Tryaodashi Tithi . Pitrushradha and Debapujan is also allowed on that day of Chaitra Amavashya tithi. Chitra Shukla pratipada is called Sambaschar pratipada. On this day, Bramha has started the creation of world, opinion by researchers.

One workshop on “Chaitramasa ra Jatapraba” is held at Shri Jagannath Ballav Matha on the date of 7/4/2019. Some discussion of the topic we are here included.

The festival of the month Chaitra, are closely associated with the social activities of the state Odisha. In the tithi of Chaitra Shukla Revati Nakhtra, Lord Bishnu is incarnated to Matsya Avatra and this is the 1st day of Satya Yuga. Basantika Nabaratri is celebrated during the period starting from Chaitra shulka pratipada to Nabami. Prayer and puja is offered in different Devi Pitha of odisha. Women are celebrate Chaiti Mangalabara Osha brata on Tuesday, they offer pana bhoga to panthai ( Maa Mangala) for wishing good health and prosperity of family member. Jhamu jatra is held on some Shakti Pitha.

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Ashoka Flower

Chitra Gundicha is celebrated in Shri Jagannath Temple on Chaitra Shukla Sasthi, on that Chariot of Sun Lord is circulated in temple premises, as bedha parimkrama. Chaitra Shulka Astami is celebrated as Ashokastami , on that day Lord Markandeswara  in puri is worshiped in Ashoka Flower . Lord Shri Lokannath will come in Bimana, to Bhandar Ghara of Jagannath Temple, as he is the custodian of Ratna Vandar. Shri Lokannath is worhiped at Jagannath Ballav math offering Ashoka flower .Reducing Birth pain, Jeuda one type of fruit is offered to Shri Jagannath, because Lord himself act as Mother Kausalya and give birth to Shri Ram on Chitra Shukla Nabami day. On Chitra Nabami Tithi, the Representive of Shri Jagannath, Shri Rama come ( Bije ) to Ratna Singharsan for completing Rama Janama ritual. From birth day of Shri Ram, the sahi jatra will start. The open play will start by Kalika Devi Sahi Akhada, as Rama Janam, the Angymala is received by Ram & Laxman and they start journey to Shri Jagananth Ballav Matha . Jagnya Rakhya niti is accomplished by Harachandi Sahi. On Ekadashi day Sita Bibaha niti will commence. On Chatra Dwadashi , the niti of Rama Banabasa & Kandram Adhibas will commence. The bigraha Shri Ram come to Jagannath Ballav Matha, then bannabash prastav will commence by Markandeswar sahi. Dayanachori Niti will held on Chitra Shulka Traodashi. Damanaklagi niti on Chardashi day will held. That is included in list of Dwadash Jatra. After Sandhya Dhup, Rama Laxmina will com to Jagnnah Balav Math for the act of Maya Mruga. The play is performed by the team of Kundahibenta Sahi. Lanka Podi Prastrab is played by Dolamandapa Sahi.

In Odisha, Chaitra Mesha Sankranti is regarded the birth of Shri Hanuman, on that day from Dakhina Gruha of Jaganath Temple, Shri Hanuman wil come to Jagananth Ballav Math. There is ritual to ofifer Angymala of Lord Jannath to 4 ways of Hanuman of Jagannath temple with Daria Mahavir & Shri Hanuman of Jagannath Ballav matha.

Jay Jagannath

Chaitra Mangalabara Chaitra Masa

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*🌹🌼👉ଜୟ ଜୟ ଶ୍ରୀ ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ 👈🌼🌹* *✧═════•❁❀❁•═════✧* *ଅଦ୍ୟ ଜୁଲାଇ ମାସ ୨୭ ତାରିଖ ୨୦୨୧ ମସିହା(ମଙ୍ଗଳବାର)* *ଶ୍ରାବଣମାସ-କୃ…