Jagannath Temple & Makar Sakranti #Ritulas Makar Bedha




Makar Sankranti, the date always remain same ( January 14th ) because like other Hindu festival it is not based on lunar calendar, it is based on solar calendar. Makar Sankrati festival celebrated around the country, depends on various climate, agricultural environment, cultural backgrounds and location. From this festival day,  the days becoming longer and warmer and thus the chill winter declines.

Jagannath Temple & Makar Sakranti #Ritulas Makar BedhaIn puranic Granth says, Lord Sun visit the house of his son Shani who is the Lord of Makar Rashi.  In Jagannath temple at puri Makar Sankranti festival observed as Utarayan Jatra ( Yatra ) and Uttrayan Vandapana . Lord Jagannath, Ballvadra & Subhadra dressed in a costumes of Makar Chaurashi Besha, the triad wears  Makara-chula (a sort of head-gear). Makar Chaaula, a special kind of sweet dish prepared with newly harvested rice,  jaggery, grated coconut, banana, chenna ( cheese ), Khua, various fruits, dry fruit and milk . Makara chaaula is taken around the Temple in a procession, which is called Makara bedha. For Makar Niti Triad decorated by the flower given by odiya math, makar chula given by Jagannath Ballav Math, Taada from Alam Chandi Mandir.


Makara chaula Makar Niti Makara-chula

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Festival in Puri


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