Maa Bimala Temple – Inside Jagannath Temple


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Bimala Temple – Inside Jagannath Temple

Bimala Temple – Inside Jagannath Temple

The Shaki Pitha, Bimala Temple is one of Adi Shaki Pitha . Goddess Bimala is worshipped as a peaceful form of Shakti. Food offered to Jagannath does not become Mahaprasad until it is offered to Bimala. The Madala panji states that the temple of Vimala was constructed by Yayati Keshari.2 Structures of the temple are built in both sand stones and laterite stones. The temple faces to the eastern direction. The shrine of Vimala is believed to be a suitable place for Tantric form of worship. Purusottama kshetra or Puri is regarded as one of the several Sakta pithas enumerated in Tantra Chudamani, Kubjika Tantra and Jnanarnava Tantra and it is here that the navel of sakti had fallen. according to the Devi Purana the feet of Adishakti fell here for which this place is considered as one of the important Sakti pithas in India. It is also said that before Lord Jagannath was installed in the temple, goddess Vimala was enshrined there.


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