Sakala Dhupa – Mahaprasad (Bhoga ) Of Lord Jagannath




For morning meal the deities are offered, Khechud kanika ( Sweet ghee rice ), Saga ( fried green leaves ), ginger sauce, vegetable fry etc, and Bada Kanti, Sana Kanti, Matha puli, Hansa Keli, Pitha puli, Chandra Mathapuli, Jhili, Enduri. This Bhoga is being done in sixteen upachara and near the Ratna Singhasana.

The word Dhupa means offering of bhoga to deities. The prescribed time for Sakal Dhupa is about 10 AM morning. The sakal dhupa is commonly known as Kotha Bhoga or Raja Bhoga. Earlier Gajapati Maharaja of Puri was the Superintendent of the temple and he used to bear the entire cost of this morning meal of Lord. At present the cost is born by the temple administration as the management of the temple has been taken over by the Government of Odisha.

Three Pujapandas perform this puja in the garbhagriha sitting on Ratnavedi. Supakaras known as Suar who used to cook the food carry the same in kudua (earthen pot) to the garbhagriha for the purpose of puja. After the puja, alati is offered to deities by the Pujapanda.

This is the first cooked meal Bhog. This bhoga is also called ‘Kotha bhoga’ or ‘Raja bhoga’ . The Sevaks offer this Bhoga with 16 Upchars on sitting on Ratnavedi. The following items are offered as Bhog for the purpose.

      1. 卐 Pithapuli – 4 Sara
      1. 卐 Badakanti – 5 Sara
      1. 卐 Enduri – 6 Nos cut in to 12 pieces
      1. 卐 Mitha Puli – 6 Nos
      1. 卐 Dahi Amlu & Gray – 1 Sara
      1. 卐 Hanskeli – 2 Sara
      1. 卐 Sanakanti – 3 Sara
      1. 卐 Chand for Puja Panda – 9
      1. 卐 Kakatua Jhilli – 4 Nos
      1. 卐 Ada Pachedi – 4 Sara
      1. 卐 Bundia – 1 Sara
      1. 卐 Tata Khechudi – 3 Kudia
      1. 卐 Tata Kanika – 3 Kudia
      1. 卐 Nukhura Khechudi – 4
      1. 卐 Sana Khechudi -8 olli
      1. 卐 Mendha Mundia – 1 No
      1. 卐 Adha Kania – 2 Kudia
      1. 卐 Taila Khechudi – 14 kudia
      1. 卐 Saga – 5 olli
      1. 卐 Majuri Khechudi – 3 kudia

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