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Balarama Kota Matha is one of the Ramanandi Cult Matha ( Monastery) situated in Sriketra ( Puri). This monastery is situated in the Kalikadaevi Sahi of Puri town. Balarama Das, the author of Dandai Ramayan is the founder of the Matha. The monetary is named after the Balarama Das. As a matter of fact the word kutam derives from Tamil language. The meaning of the word means Annaksetra ( Dining Place). In course of time the word kutam is known as kota in local language. Accordingly the math is popularly known as Balaram Kota.

The establishment area of this monastery is 39 decimals. In ancient time poor people were given food and shelter in the matha. This practice had been discontinued for long past. Now a days some poor students & Baisnabas are given food and shelter by the Matha.

Other than Balaram Das, the founder mahanta, these were some renounded mohants namely Narayan Das, Dr. Ayodha Das, Rama Chandra Das managed the matha in accordance with rituals. No names of previous mahatmas are available at present.

The presided deity of the monastery are Laxmi Naryan, Sita Ram. The daily seva puja ( Costumes as per rituals) are being observed by the servitor( pujari appointed by the Math. The Matha is under direct control of Chahuni Matha . There are 150 acre landed property recorded in the name of the Matha and the daily expenditure meets from the output of the land , In addition to that some amount also accumulated from the house rent and shops rent.

At the time of Mahanta Moharaj Shri Ramachandra Das, few books were published in hindi and sanskrit like “Shri Jagannath Suprabhatam”, “Kouchasya Guru Dakhina” in sanskrit and “Ramanama Mahatmya” in Hindi by the courtesy of Balarama Kota Matha. One sanskrit Vedic school is being run in the matha premises for last few years. Disciples of this school are enchanting hymns in Sri Mandir at daily morning. The Odisha Endowment authority is the controlling agency of this math .


Reference Book

Matha Parampara
Dr. Bhaskara Mishra

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