7th Bring your own film festival or BYOFF 2010 held on the Puri sea beach




7th Bring your own film festival or BYOFF 2010 held on the Puri sea beach from 21th February is being organized by a team of independent filmmakers drawn from all parts of the country in collaboration with Inscreen ,the premier film society of the state based at Bhubaneswar since -2004

BYOFF in Its earlier six editions had attached nearly 3500 filmmakers, artists, dancers, singers, painters from all over the world. All the previous editions of BYOFF were extensively covered by all TV channels like NDTV, Star, Zee, E-TV and DDK National etc. and by almost all the National and local dailies.

In view of the huge success of BYOFF in the last few years the BYOFF 2010 is expected to draw a much bigger response, and therefore in the order of accommodate large number of participation from 2006 to onwards the festival is held a fix calendar of 5 days from 21st to 25th feb. Every year.

There is a huge response to the ensuing edition of BYOFF, but we need support to make it success both in the National & International level. Today It was Inaugurated by a child artist Bilal.along with Sekkar Das ,Susant Mishra,Anirban ,Jogendra Panda (Camaraman),J.P Basu, Sukant Panigrahi ,Gurpal Singh.

Today Following Film Shown name Ride it-15min English,Jaydev-15min ,Bilal 88min,Still I am Living 8min,An area of Darkness -47min ,Love Story -9min,The Journy-54min,Nazare-1964-25min.

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Festival in Puri


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