Hepatitis B awareness campaigned flagged off by Sudarshan Pattnaik





WORLD HEPATITIS DAY, dreaded disease, the Kalinga Gastroenterology Foundation started observing “World Hepatitis B Eradication Day” on the birth day of the great Nobel Laureate Prof. B.S. Blumberg – the man who discovered the Hepatitis B virus. There Prof. B.S. Blumberg has contributed immensely to the discovery of this virus and development of an effective vaccine against this virus.

Hepatitis ‘B’ virus is a public health menace second to none in our country. However, thanks to the apathy of our healthcare system including doctors and the media, a preventable killer disease is allowed to stalk victims in an unfettered manner.

  • Hepatitis B Kills more people in 1 day than AIDS in 1 year.
  • India harbours 10% of the total world pool of Hepatitis B infected people. About 3 – 4 % of our population are chronic carriers of this virus.
  • This is easily preventable by a simple inexpensive vaccine but unfortunately three fourths of our population are ignorant about the killer virus.

Today International sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created a sand sculpture on “World Hepatitis day” to spread awareness among the people at Puri beach. The Theme of the sculpture is: “Vaccinate to Eradicate”. The main aim of the sculpture is to aware people about the Hepatitis B vaccine. So he shows an injection in his Sculpture. Hepatitis B kills more people in 1 day than AIDS in 1 year said Pattnaik.

Pattnaik took 4 hours to complete this 5 ft sand sculpture. He used 4 tones of sand in it. Students of his sand art institute join hand with him. Kalinga Gastroenterology foundation organizes this sand sculpture programme for World Hepatitis day.

You shall be happy to know that what was started in Orissa 11 years ago in 2001 has finally been endorsed by the entire world. WHO has finally declared this day: WORLD HEPATITIS DAY last year. This is easily preventable by a simple inexpensive vaccine but unfortunately three fourths of our populations are ignorant about the killer virus said S.P Singh, who is the Chairman of Kalinga Gastroenterology foundation.

Sudarsan Patnaik is the brand ambassador of NALCO. So far he has participated in more than 47 international sand sculpture championships and festivals around the World and won many prizes for our country.

awareness sand-art WORLD HEPATITIS DAY

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Festival in Puri


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