Regulation of Traffic on 13th July (RathaYatra) 21st july (Bahuda) and 22nd july(Sunabesa)




Regulation of Traffic on 13th July (RathaYatra) 21st july (Bahuda)and 22nd july(Sunabesa) Regulation of Traffic on 13th July (RathaYatra) 21st july (Bahuda)and 22nd july(Sunabesa)

Addressing Media Person S.P.Police Sri Sanjay Kumar Said Regulation of Traffic on 13th July (RathaYatra) 21st july (Bahuda)and 22nd july(Sunabesa),2010 of Bhubaneswar- Puri Road (NH-203) Based on Government of Orissa, Home Department letter No.8235/c,Bhubaneswar dated 23.02.1999.

It is here by informed to all motor vehicle drivers, stage carriage owner, and contract carriage owners and the public that the movement of motor vehicles will be regulated in public interest on 13th July, 21st July and 22nd July for proceeding to puri and back in the manner indicated below.

    1. All light vehicles and two wheelers will be allowed to proceed to Puri from Bhubaneswar on NH-203 and may be parked at designated parking places in Puri Town .Vehicles of VIPs shall only be allowed to return by the same route on the aforesaid dates.
    2. All Buses,i.e.Regular route plying buses,inter-state buses, Tourist buses, contract carriages and stage carriages coming to puri shall be diverted to Talabania parking ground via Biraharekrushnapur on the new Nabakalebar Road and shall not be allowed to move towards puri on NH-203 Beyond Biraharekrushnapur crossing.
    3. ll vehicles, including stage carriages, contract carriages and light vehicles,coming to puri along the marine drive from konark side will be diverted from the GRID Station,Puri,crossing towards Talabania, light vehicles only will be allowed to proceed from Talabania to puri Town along the water works road to designated parking places in puri town along the water works road to designated parking places in puri twon depending on the availability of parking places as per direction of traffic authorities.
    4. Similarly, buses, mini buses (contract carriage) coming from Berhampur, chandpur(Nayagarh),jankia and Tangi(Khurda)side via the New Jagannath Road(Rameswar village on NH-5 to Birapratappur village on Nh-205 to Birapratappur village on NH-203 and meeting NH-203 at Birapratappur,(or Bira Narasinghapur),will be allowed to go to puri on NH-203 But will be diverted at the Biraharekrushnpur crossing along the New Nabakalebar Road, except light vehicles towards the Talbania parking groung .No vehicle coming along the New Jagannath Road shall be allowed to take a turn towards pipili at Birapratappur crossing on NH-203.
    5. While only route plying buses and mini buses (Stage carriage),from Talabania parking ground, will be allowed to return via same route to NH-203.Other passenger vehicles such as contract carriages and light vehicles including cars and jeeps and two wheelers also will be diverted for the return journey via GRID station, Puri crossing on the Marine Drive to konark ,Gop, Nimapara, jayashree talkies crossing ,Balipatna, Balakati,uttara to Bhubaneswar.
    6. O.S.R.T.C.Buses will be allowed in the same route adopted by the regular passenger buses.
    7. Light passenger vehicles, buses, mini buses, contract carriages and stage carriages returning to Berhampur ,Chandpur (Nayagarh),jankia and Tangi (khurda) sides etc.will also be allowed to proceed along the marine drive road. konark, Nimapara, Balipatna and Bhubaneswar.
    8. No load carries, such as trucks and mini trucks, shall not be allowed to play on NH-203 on the aforesaid dates. These instructions are issued in public interest and changes, if any required, will be made by the senior police officer in-charge of the traffic on these days or by the superintendent of police,puri as per local convenience as and when necessary.

In the press meet DIB Inspector Sri Praffula Mishra, Traffic Inspector Sri Gana Mahapatra, and Inspector Sri Debi Prasad Das. were Present

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