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Researchers of Puri Jagannath Temple have thrown new light on the Jagannath cult. After visiting the Jagannath Temple at Gadakujang in Jagatsinghpur district on Friday, they claimed ‘Brahma’ (soul) of Lord Jagannath used to be worshipped there during 15th century. They termed the place Leela Khetra (active centre) of Lord Jagannath.

The team of researchers comprised deputy chief administrator of Sri Jagannath Temple administration, Puri, Bhaskar Mishra, member of Temple Management Committee Rabindra Pratihary, research officer of Sri Jagannath Sanskrit Viswavidyalaya Surendra Kumar Mishra, president of Puspaloka Niyoga Baldev Singari, Garabadu Niyoga, joint secretary Rabinarayan Mohapatra and secretary of Sri Jagannath Chetana and Gabesana Pratisthan Asit Mohanty.

The main aim of the visit was to study Jagannath cult and the link of Puri temple with other Jagannath temples of Orissa. The priests of Gadakujang temple explained to the researchers about the rituals and other activities of the temple. At a meeting organised on the temple premises, researchers said that the ‘Brahma’ of Lord Jagannath used to be worshiped in the temple. Quoting ‘Madala Panji‘ and ‘Chakadapothi’ of Srimandira, Puri, the researchers said in 1568 AD, Kalapahara, the general of invader Suleman Karani, flung the Lord’s image into fire and dumped it in the river. Holy Ganga carried the ‘Brahma’ downstream where a priest Besara Mohanty recovered the image and extracted the immortal part (Brahma). Later, he consecrated the ‘Brahma’ at Gadakujang temple. The ‘Brahma’ was worshiped there for seven years, said the researchers.

Later, first king of Bhoi dynasty King Ramchandra Dev came to know about that and brought the ‘Brahma’ to Puri. Since then it is being worshipped in Puri. The researchers also decided to publish a book on Jagannath cult and the relation of Puri temple with other Jagannath temples of the Orissa. Local MLA and Agriculture Minster Damodar Rout was present during the visit.

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