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Seminar on Stop Global Warming & Launching of Website. held at Hotel Padma, Puri . It was Inaugurated by Dr. Ananta Kumar Sahu (Environmental Specialist, ICZM Project). Addressing the Media Sri Debandra Kumar Rath for Owl Speaks, said Owl speaks Aims & Objectives of Global warming is an issue concerned to each life in this Earth because it is man-made. In simple word, the temperature of Earth is increasing day by day which will lead towards the end of life in the earth if not controlled. The temperature increases due to the production of carbon dioxide CO2 and some other hazardous green house gases in atmosphere which produces the heat. The production of these hazardous gases happens basically due to deforestation, urbanization and industrialization . The consequences of this increase of heat or warming affects the environment by changing in climate resulting natural calamities, for example, melting of ice poles, glaciers, rising in sea level hence sub merging of islands and low coastal areas, acid rain, un timing season and above all drastic change in atmosphere . Since , it is the effect of human irresponsibility, so it’s everybody’s duty now to bring back the balance to environment. Our concern is to educate and create awareness among all to save this Earth from the devil of global warming . Our website is developed and designed as such in simple language so as to give very detailed information about Global Warming . It not only alerts but also guides. This is our first ever effort to dedicate the Website to society and also aim at making a Community of Earth Lovers in near future. Owl speaks as a organization is committed to the cause and also expect you to join hand in saving our Mother Earth.

Addressing the Media Person Dr. Ananta kumar Sahu, (environmental specialist, ICZM Project) said that about Global warming. In temperate and colder region of the earth temperature required for the growth of the plant is countrified by holding solar radiation by carbon dioxide in a green house is called green house effect. This is because CO2 trap. The higher wave length of solar radiation (eg- infrared) and warm the green hose not being reflected back to the space.

Now due to higher emission of CO2 to the atmosphere, the earth becoming facing a green house like situation. This is because the CO2 is fit heavier than the other than the other component air and remain more near the earth surface.

The CO2 is trappers higher wave length of solar radiation and scattered heights and creat a heat trap. As this heat trappers by CO2 behave as a gas panel, it creates a heating of earth surface is global level, which is called global warming. CO2 is one of the component of the air, CO2 is considered as prime green house gas. Other green house gases are methane ground level Ozone, CFCs, Sulphur hexa fluoride etc.

These gases are causing similar effect CO2

. Effects are

– Melting of ice berg/ polar ice, mountains peaks

– Increasing of disease

– Submergence of many coastal cities / islands

– Change of rainfall pattern

– Change of climate

– Change of agriculture & Land use pattern etc.

– Destruction of Tropical Forests

In this meeting, Jagannath Bastiya (Environmental Specialist) was also said about the concerning topic.

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