Demons who fight with Bala Krusna ( krishna )




Putana (Putanā), the mistress of darkness, the female demon with powers to fly was an expert in snatching souls in excruciating torturous ways. She was sent by Kamsa to kill Krishna who was nothing more than a toddler at that time. As an expert in camouflaging which was much needed for she was an ugly demonic lady, she took the disguise of a celestial beauty and offered her services to Krishna’s mother Yashoda for breastfeeding little Krishna with her poisoned breasts. Having underestimated Krishna’s powers, her heinous motive met a gruesome end as Krishna while feeding sucked the life out of her.

Trinavarta (Tṛṇāvarta) the tornado demon was one of Kamsa’s allies. His unprecedented power to create whirlwind for mass destruction made him one of the most fearsome evil force. Sent to destroy Krishna, he created a scary situation by uprooting and destroying everything that came in his path. Full of pride, Trinavarta twisted a vicious dark cloud of terror and gripped Krishna in his clutches. But Krishna ripped through the tornado crashing him down to his death.

Vatsasura (Vatsāsura), the calf demon was one of Kamsa’s favourite for his malicious nature and brutal force. He gleefully accepted the mission to execute Krishna. Vatsasura took the disguise of a demonic calf to trick Krishna into a duel. With his capabilities to manoeuvre his own shape and size, he grew into a fearsome large calf and attacked Krishna. While he could scare away the rest of Krishna’s friends, Krishna stood his ground. Vatsasura with all his strength finally realised that he was no match for Krishna and finally met his end.

Bakasura (Bakāsura) is the Crane Demon who was provoked by Kamsa to kill Krishna in return for a lavish life thereafter. His armoured sharp beak, deadly talents and volleys of fire spitting powers had earned him the reputation of an insanely powerful monster. Even the heavenly powers seemed no match for him. Blind in greed, overconfident of his own strength he challenged Krishna and after a deadly fight managed to swallow him up. But he had undermined Krishna’s abilities. Krishna managed his way out and after another bout of lethal fight he forcefully stretched out Bakasura’s deadly beak and shattered it.

Aghasura (Aghāsura) the giant deadly serpent demon had the powers to glide in the sky and change its forms. Summoned by his master Kamsa he turned himself into a ghostly cave to allure Krishna and his friends inside with the intention of swallowing them up. He managed to trick Krishna’s friends inside and trapped them in his poisonous belly. Sensing the danger, Krishna came to their rescue as Aghasura sucked Krishna in as well. But just as he was about to crush Krishna inside him, Krishna tore open Aghasura’s abdomen into pieces and brought an end to the great serpent demon.

Dhenukasura (Dhenukāsura) was the guardian of Kamsa’s prized wine orchard and a terror for any trespasser. With his deafening bray and stampede there was no mercy for anyone. He had even dwarfed the king of the Gods Indra. With his unmatched strength he shook and split the earth into two almost about throwing Indra inside the deep crevice. He reigned supreme until Krishna and Balaram challenged his might. Threatening to shatter the boys, he engaged in a violent fight on land and in the sky. Earth trembled as finally Dhenukasura got slay in the hands of Balaram while Krishna overpowers rest of his evil gang of demonic donkey cronies.

Kāliyā the five-headed serpent king was blinded by hatred and rage as his toxic venom had completely shadowed his senses. He posed a deadly threat to the peaceful water lands as the mighty eagle warrior Garuda had to challenge him. Defeated, Kāliyā had to leave with his five serpent wives only to find his new abode of terror in Vrindavan, Krishna’s homeland. His fearful venom started poisoning the river as commoners flew to safety. Krishna challenged his vicious motives and what followed was a titanic underwater fight between them. Finally Krishna jumped on Kāliyā’s head and forced all the venom out of him stripping Kāliyā of all his powers.

Pralambasura (Pralambāsura) the giant demon had a reputation of possessing brutal strength. Following Kamsa’s orders he ventured out to find the blazing Fire Demon with the motive of teaming up to kill Krishna. The meeting of two old pals resulted in a mock fight to test each other’s strength. Unable to find Krishna, Pralambasura mislead Balram into the forest and tried to crush him to death with his demonic strength. But with one single punch, Pralambasura died in the hands of Balaram.

Fire Demon was a friend of Pralambasura and together they had the order to kill Krishna. Fire demon possessed the unique power of morphing his form into any simple burning object and emerge when needed as the monster, capable of turning everything into ashes while riding on his chariot of fire. In order to allure Krishna in his fiery trap, he set ablaze the Munjavana forest trapping Krishna’s friends and their cattle. Krishna came to their rescue and extinguished the might of Fire Demon by sucking in the demon and all the fire inside him.

Aristasura (Ariṣṭāsura) the severe bull demon attacked Vrindavan confident of overpowering Krishna to fulfill his master Kamsa’s wish. His demonic appearance and wild fury scared off the common people of Vrindavan. With his violent grunt and giant horns he shattered the dam and flooded everything around. But Krishna took him by his horns and flung him over. The earth trembled as they fought till Krishna swung him violently in the air and shattered his horns bringing an end to the bull demon. Also the bull thought Madhu one of Krishna’s cowherd friends, was Krishna cause he held the flute in his hand.

Keshi the horse demon went mad in fury as Krishna was killing all his demons cronies. He approached Kamsa assuring him of his own atrocious powers seeking orders to face Krishna in a combat. With revenge in his mind and full of pride for his own strength, in his pursuit he created havoc. Earth trembled under his hoofs as Krishna matched his powers and a terrible battle followed. Severely smacked and battered by Krishna, Keshi finally met his end.

Vyomasura the bat demon was a vicious dark evil force hungry for destruction. He was sent by Kamsa to create disaster and kill Krishna. In his pursuit, Vyomasura had spread a veil of terror among people. Having found Krishna, Vyomasura kidnapped his friends in disguise thus trapping Krishna in a precarious situation. Sensing the opportunity, he took his real shape as Vyomasura and pounced on Krishna with vengeance. A fierce battle later Krishna crashed him down with an explosion, killing the vicious demon.


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