First Couple achieved GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ’Longest journey by car in a single country’

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Durga Charan Mishra, a retired officer from ASRTU under the Ministry of Transport, Govt of India, New Delhi, at present settled down at Puri . Durga Charan Mishra along with his wife Smt. Jotshna Mishra decided to take a challenge and created a New Guinness World Record in the category –“Longest Journey by Car in a Single Country” . They have completed all the formalities required by the Guinness World Records for officially attempt .

Journey Experience shared to puriwaves by Durga Charan Mishra

The Journey was started on 23 February, 2014 at 8.15 am from Puri, Orissa and covered almost all part of the India as guide line given by the Guinness World Records.

We reached Puri, Orissa on 1st April, 2014 at 12.45 pm after a long drive of 18,458 km (11,469 miles) and successfully achieved the new Guinness World Record. We broke the existing Guinness World Record of 15,793 km (9,813.3 miles) which was by Gennadij Paramonov (Russia), and Rainer Zietlow (Germany)

We are really proud to be the first couple with my age at 62, my wife’s age at 53 who drive for longest Journey by car for Guinness World Record with me single drive . The vehicle GPS Track system was fitted on our car and a logbook which asked us to get an entry at several Police stations on our way every day.

The surreal experience like heavy rain, different temperature, climatic change, different type of roads including roadblocks and breakdowns. We have preserved the memories in the form of visual and videos .

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