Gopastami celebrated at Puri

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Gopastami celebrated at Puri

Gopastami celebrated at puri

At Gobardhan Pith (Jagadguru Sankaracharya Pith) Sri Jagatguru Nischala Nanda Moharaj worshiped Gurus ( Cows) on account of Gopasthami and distributed food (Prasad} among the devotees.

On the auspicious occasions of Gopathami festival, Sri Sankaracharya while addressing the mass and told that we all to think over the development of our country by worshiping cows. The cow is very important in the living being of the creation of God. It is said that Cow is the mother of all the universe. The cow impart happiness to all. So it is our prime duty to render service to make the cow folk happy.

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly, Puri


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