RUDSETI Bazaar organised Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank & SDME Trust at Puri

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Canara Bank, micro finance branch, Puri in association with Canara Bank, Konark Brach & Puri main branch had organised a Canara Bazaar & SHG Linkage Programme at Town Hall, Puri on 02-06-2013 (Sunday) in the eve of visit of Sri R.K.Dubey, Chairman – cum – Managing Director, Canara Bank’s visit to Shreekhetra, Puri.

The Bazaar was inaugurated by Sri R.K.Dubey, CMD, Canara Bank at 09:00 A:M in presence of Sri R.K.Swain, Deputy General Manager, Canara Bank, CO, Bhubaneswar. More than 1000 women SHG members from Puri & Konark financed by Canara Bank had attended the programme & displayed their product in the Canara Bazaar.

Sri R.K.Dubey during his inaugural speech, while welcoming the efforts of Canara Bank, Circle Office, Bhubaneswar, had informed that in Odisha, Canara Bank has increased its business from Rs. 471 crores to Rs. 9823 crores with target of crossing Rs.10, 000 crores in the ensuing financial year. He further informed that Canara Bank has increased its branch from 46 to 89 with 84 nos. of ATM in operation in the state of Odisha.

Being a responsible & premier bank in the country, he said that, Canara Bank has taken various initiatives in women upliftment in the country through SHG financing & it was informed that more than 700 SHGs have been credit linked through various branches/micro finance branch. Majority of the SHGs have been credit linked through Canara Bank, Micro Finance branch, Puri & Konark branch.

Sri Dubey had expressed his immense satisfaction & declared that Canara Bank is going to open 10 new ATM in the city very soon for the convenience of our valued customers. Sri Dubey distributed the loan certificate to successful SHGs identified by microfinance branch and RUDSETI trained entrepreneur identified by Konark Branch on the spot & thanked microfinance branch, Puri for successfully organising the programme.


Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

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