Sand Art on International Women’s Day

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On the eve of International Women’s Day, International Sand Artist Shri Manas Kumar Sahoo wishes to convey the importance of this day through his Sand Art.

Sand Art on International Women's Day

Sand Art on International Women’s Day

Women being the major part of the population should also have the equal rights, get equal opportunities, deserve equal respect & love in the society. To commemorate this occasion, Shri Manas has sculpted the pictures of women from different communities, religion, caste etc in his Sand Art at the Golden Sea Beach, near Lighthouse, Baliapanda, Puri. He extends his support to the “Generation Equality” campaign through his Sand Art.

His Sand Art is 15 ft wide & has consumed 15 tonnes of sand which displays a beautiful & worthy message to one & all in his support for the Women. “Let’s Share Equal Love & Equal Respect for each other.

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