Sand Art On the eve of Raksha Bandhan by sand artist Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo

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Raksha Bandhan is one of the Hindu festivals that celebrate the love and duty between brothers & sisters. The festival is also popularly used to celebrate any brother- sister like loving protective relationship between men and women who are relatives or biologically

Sand Art On the eve of Raksha Bandhan by sand artist Sri Mamas Kumar Sahoo

Sand Art On the eve of Raksha Bandhan by sand artist Sri Mamas Kumar Sahoo

unrelated. Now this festival is celebrated in worldwide. On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, international reputed sand artist Sri Mamas Kumar Sahoo has created a sand sculpture at the golden sea beach, near light house Puri at the distance of 65 k.m from Bhubaneswar, capital city of Odisha.

The nice idea of this preparation is to send the message across the globe that all men should protect women  from all types of harassment. They should care for them and respect to them. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan as a brother promises to protect and care his sister likewise every men should take an oath to protect and care each and every woman. The sand sculpture is dedicated to protect, care, and treat with dignity every woman.

This sculpture is the height of 4ft and length of 10ft and using 10 tons of sand and the continuous labour cost of 8 hours with a message “Relation of Faith and Protection”

sand art at beach Raksha Bandhan Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo

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