Vajan Samaroh in front of Sri Jagannath temple – Sri Khetra Kala Prakasika

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41st anniversary of spiritual song ceremony ( Vajan Samaroh ) was organised in front of Sri Jagannath temple on behalf of Sri Khetra Kala Prakasika on 20th November 2010 on the eve of ‘ Baikuntha Chaturdashi ‘. On the occasion his highness Sri Muralidhara Chandrakanta Bhandare, Governer of Odisha has awarded honor to Sri Keshaba Raut, singer as Geet Gourav, to Sri Chandramani Lenka as Sura Sourava and to Sri Harish Ray as Badya Sekhar.

Photo News : Sarat Mama, Puri

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Festival in Puri


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