PHOOLURI ( Phuluri ) Seba Of Lord Sri JAGANNATH at Anbasara period




At the time of Anbasara period, the ailing deities Sri Jagannath, Balavadra, Subhadra & Sudarsan are remained in a confined temple called Anabasara Ghara. It is called deities are suffering from fever. PHOOLURI SevaThe Daitapatis are at the close traditional service of Lords. Traditionally, a service named Phooluri seva is done in each year on this particular day. This service was first introduced by Atibadi Jagannath Das the author of Srimad Bhagabat. He was one of the contemporary to Lord Chaitanya. For this seva (service) Phooluri oil is inevitable.

This oil has been provided by Odiya Math established by Jagannath Dash. The ingredients of this oil are 4 kg. Pure till oil, roots of Bena, and different fragrant flowers like, Jui (Jasmine), Jai (gomphrena) and Malli (white tulip). All the things are kept in the oil in a earthen pot. The pot is sealed with earthen clay and kept in underground since Hera Panchami to Anabasara period in each year. After recovery of, this sacred oil from underground, the oil is sent to Sri Mandir after percolating the same, through a saint of Odiya Math. The Daitapatis (personal servant of deities during Anabasara period) apply this oil on the bodies of ailing deities. After completion of the seva, the deities are offered solid food. Before this seva, the deities were offered only liquid food. Approximately 165 nos of Daitas are in service of Lords. This is a very peculiar and phenomenal rituals of Sri Jagannath.

Atibadi Jagannath Dash rituals of lord jagannathat puri Daitapatis

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