Three CHARIOTS of Rathyatra 2011 is allmost over




Three CHARIOTS of Rathyatra 2011 is allmost over, we are waiting 3 days more for celebrating Rathayatra 2011.

Information About CHARIOTS ( Rath )
The three chariots are built anew annually excluding the Kalasa. 14 subsidiary deities, charioteers and horses, 1072 pieces of logs (i.e., Phasi, Dhaura, Mai, Simili) are brought from Daspalla and Ranapur
forests. Nearly 125 temple carpenters (including helping assistants) work for 58 days at the Mahakhala (in front of the Palace) and chisel out 2,188 pieces of wood for the construction of the three chariot.
The techno-engineering details of the chariots are indeed a technical marvel by any standard for their static and dynamic stability. The superstructure (Above the wheels) contains eighteen pillars and roofs at various stages, which are known as Bhuin, Potala, Parabhadi, etc. each chariot contains nine Parswa devata, (Subsidiary deities), two Dwarapala (Door keepers) one Sarathi (Charioteer) and one presiding deities of the crest banner (Dhwaja Devata), all made of wood.

Photo: Sarat Mama, Puri

Parswa devata Bhuin Parabhadi

flag Lord Jagannath

Festival in Puri


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