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Sahi Jatra, always start every year on Rama Nabami Day, the birth day of Shri Ram. The episode of Ramayan will conduct one after the other day , from Rama Janama to Rama Abhisekha. All the episodes of Ramayan is distributed by seven popular sahi of Puri . The seven sahis are Kalikadebi Sahi, Mati Mandap Sahi, Harachadi Sahi, Markaenswar Sahi, Baseli Sahi, Kundahibenta Sahi, Dolamandap Sahi, Bali Sahi and Goudabada Sahi .

The episode of Rama Janmaustav is played by the Artist of Kalika Devi Sahi on the day, tithi Chaitra sukla Navami. The artist play the main character of the play are Shri Ram, Laxman, Varata, Shatrughna , Biswamitra and Dasaratha. On this day after Madhyana dhoopa (the afternoon puja of deities), the procession are travelled from kalika dev Sahi, to Shri Mandira then go Srinahara ( the Palace of the king) . The other characters in the plays are Naga, Medha, Tarabaari Chalak, Lathi Chalak, Banaty Chalaka, Fula Medha, Durga Medha, Kali Medha, Shiba Tandaba Medha, Makardhwaj, Hiranyakshupa, Prahalada. The procession travel the Sahi after returning from Srinahara. One chadehineda Prasad is offered to dakhina kali Akhada, for the contribution of open stage play of Rama Janma. After completing the niti ( ritual ) of Rama Janma, Kalika Devi Sahi Mela is taken the charu. Charu is a sweet porridge-like foodstuff offered as ahuti (offering) in Yajnas.

Rama Janam Niti At Jagannath Temple
The Rama Janma celebration is observed on Chaitra sukla Navami. On this day after Madhyana dhoopa (the afternoon puja of deities), the Jaya Vijaya dwara(door) is closed. The Sudu Suara cleans the area in front of the Bhandara Ghara, then the Panda draws the Janma Mandal and Dakshina Ghara Bhoga are offered. Next, the Deity of Shri Rama (Raghunatha) is carried to the Ratnasinghasana, where the Mudirasta offers Dhandi Prasada. Raghunath receives the agyamala(a garland as a token of permisson from lord Jagannatha) and sits on the mandala. Two Mahajanas dressed as Dasharatha and Kaushalya and the birth rituals take place by covering the Deity with a Khandua(silken cloth).Then Karpura Arati and vandapana are offered and the Mahasuara offers Gandusa Masala and milk. The Dasa Samskara for Raghunatha is celebrated, up to the thread ceremony. Finally Sitala Bhoga is offered and the Mahasuaras offer Charu at the Jaya Vijaya Dwara. The Deities wear the dress called Rama raja bhesha. Earlier the Raghunatha bhesha used to be offered last it was held in 1905, with the Deities dressed as Rama, Sita, Laksmana, with bow and arrows, and figures of Hanuman and monkeys made of gold, and for 7 to 9 days.

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