European style Sand Art show on the eve of Christmas at Puri Sea Beach

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Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo, Internationally popular in sand art and sand animation has received a number of awards at the competition of different countries as well as in different places in India. Recently on 14th December 2013 he has received Bharat Excellence Award & Rashtrya Ratan Award at New Delhi. Mr. Sahoo has prepared a sand art show, for the first time introduce in India of a completely European style consisting of various 4 dimensional European style art. The art show organized on the eve of Christmas shows a number of sculptures on the present position of women in recent time and on the topic of respect for women. Each sculpture is height of about 10ft to 15ft and total sand use in these sculpture are about 100 tones and labour of 50 hours the art prepared by Mr. Sahoo was assisted by his students Monalisa Sahoo, Chittaranjan Mohanty, Itishree Sahoo.

Now days, Christmas is observed worldwide. It is believed the Santa Clause gifts provide peace and happiness to different people of the World but Sri Sahoo wants to observe this day completely new Idea of paying respect & prestige to the women. In ancient time as well as now days the women have brought prestige and glory to the country. In spite of that there are occasion where women are brutally harass which is resulting in shame for the country for a fault and a mal treatment by a few people the nation and whole society is blame. The presence circumstance of India therefore requires treating the ladies with due respect and care.


The sand artist Mr. Manas Ku Sahoo frequently conduct different awareness programme involving current issues like polio, HIV AIDS ,Save olive readly tortoise, movement against sexual harassment, human rights, tribute to tsunami, Phailin victim tribute to Nelson Mandela, J.K. Gujral etc. and also about different festivals like Ratha yatra ,Durga puja, Kali puja etc.

The art show site was visited by foreign tourist, local people and art and culture lovers. They appreciated the unique idea of the artist of observing Christmas by paying due regards, care and respect for women.


Odisha Sand Art Merry-Christmas. 4d sand art

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