Moscow World sand Sculpture championship, Sudarsan Pattnaik




3rd Moscow World sand sculpture championship 2011 which was started from 4th May at the Russian city of Moscow. Today Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik got the first place and was awarded the gold medal in peoples choice .He received the medal and trophy in the award ceremony ,from the organizing committe chairman Pavel Mylnikov .Poland got the second place and Russia got the third place on public choice .Lot’s of people voted for the best sculpture. .

Pattnaik created a 2 meter high sand sculpture “The Smile of Leonardo and his famous creation Monalisa”.His sculpture shows a huge brush and pallette on top and the face of Leonard Da vinci merged with Monalisa . Sudarsan says the he found the face of Monalisa in Leonardo Da Vinci. This year the theme was Italian art , so I have selected this.This championship was held at Kolomenskoe Museum Reserve. Ten countries like Russia, India, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Holland, Ukrain, Belgium, Poland and Canada represented in this championship. Sudarsan is the the only asian represntitive in this championship.

Last three years he is participating in this championship. Last year he won the peoples choice and this year he has again got it. I am very much glad. I always try my best to achieve more and more prizes for our country said Pattnaik.

Pattnaik the first Indian sand artist achieved many International awards, he has participated in more than 45 international championships around the world. He always sends massage to the public by creating awareness campaign through his sand art. Pattnaik from eastern state of India ,Odisha and has ben doing sand sculptures since last 22 years and also running a sand art school at Puri Beach in Orissa

Sudarsan Pattnaik Monalisa sculpture

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