“PEACE POINT” Sand Art Park testimony of World Peace on Puri beach

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"PEACE POINT" Sand Art Park testimony of World Peace on Puri beach

“PEACE POINT” Sand Art Park testimony of World Peace on Puri beach

On the eve of Christmas & new year, International Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo’s new project Sand Art Park “PEACE POINT” is a testimony of World Peace, on Puri beach in front of Light House, Baliapanda, Puri and 60 km from Bhubaneswar in Odisha, a state of the eastern part of India. Although this sand art, like any other form of sand art, has a short span of life, it casts an everlasting impression in the hearts viewers. The sand art park has made the sculptures all by himself without any assistance. Each sculpture is about 20 to 30 feet height and artwork doubtlessly is of international standard.The magnificent, beautiful and attractive sculptures with the lively touch of hand of the renowned artist, perfectly indicates that all the world propagates for peace. Determined to do something new and challenging, Mr Manas Kumar Sahoo has worked really hard on this project and in spite of all hindrances he has been able to turn his new ideas into reality. The new designs, the artist hopes will relish the art lovers’ thirst to find newness in the art and those who have seen his performance in IGT khoz II will return home feeling convinced that the artist has a lot more to offer.

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

Sand Art At Puri PEACE POINT Manas Kumar Sahoo

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