Kalia – Salabega Vajana

Vajan / Prayer



I shall move in a hurry and proceed soon.
I shall see the countenance of the Dark One .

If by the guard I am restrained
At the gate where the lions stand ,

I won’t budge an inch or yield;
I shall, at once, push my way forward.

Dust of the twenty-two steps
Shall I rub all over my limbs.

I shall beg and receive a morsel
Of the holy food, Kaivalya .

The sacred banyan tree is truly blessed.
With an ability to grant every wish, it is endowed.

Blessed too is the dark doorway ;
I shall see him from behind the pillar

On which the Lord’s eagle-carrier
Garuda offers his prayer.
I shall see the countenance of the Dark One.

Inside the hall of audience
I shall join the saints with great rejoice;

Within my heart I shall chant your name in silence.
Says Salabega, the lowly one,

I am a Yavana, an outcaste and fallen;
At your lotus feet shall I seek solace.
I shall see the countenance of the Dark One.

Original Oriya hymn “Bahana jibi…
Source: Mishra, Neelamani. Ed. Bhajana Sangraha (Odia). Cuttack: Grantha Mandir, 1990.

Jagannath Bhajan prayer

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