Celebrate Holi without Color Awareness About Corona Virus through his Sand Art




On the auspicious occasion of Holi,  the International Sand Artist Shri Manas Kumar Sahoo  wishes to create awareness about Corona Virus through his Sand Art.

Awarness about corona virus

The most deadly corona virus has been spreading like an epidemic throughout the World  and has created a havoc and the only way as of now  to avoid getting infected is by Self Awareness. The Internationally renowned Sand Artist conveys his wishes for a “Happy & Safe Holi” &  requests one & all to avoid the deadly corona virus. He also requests not to play Holi the festival of colours for this year which can be a medium through which the virus is likely to  spread more. To create this awareness he has dedicated 7 long hours to create a sand art which displays the  picture of the deadly corona virus and conveys the message saying “Avoid Colour, Avoid Corona Virus” encrypted in it.

The Sand Art which is 15 ft wide in which 15 tonnes of sand has been used and has been displayed at the Golden Sea Beach, near Lighthouse , Baliapanda, Puri. He along with his team have completed the sand art to create awareness among the people about Corona Virus.

flag Lord Jagannath

Festival in Puri


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